Lindsay Lohan Found Unconscious in Hotel Room — Illuminati Freemason Stalker?

Lohan has been accused of Illuminati involvement plenty of times before, but to say she fears they are out to get her is a first.

Yes, we are tired of hearing about Lindsay Lohan’s antics just as much as you are.  But today there was a breaking news story about Lindsay being found unconscious in a hotel room in California where she was filming a Lifetime movie.  She has been taken to the hospital, and at the time of the writing of this article, no one knows any more details, including her condition.  Just last week, she was involved in an automobile accident that was deemed to be her fault, although fortunately for her, there were no alcohol or drugs involved this time.

Despite the public’s chagrin towards Lindsay these days in general, people still are fascinated with her shennanigans.  Everything she gets involved with becomes a hot news story.  Now, a lot of people are wondering if this latest fiasco is going to turn out to be a botched suicide attempt, another drug or alcohol binge, or just another pathetic attempt to remain relevant in the face of popular culture.  But for all the constant news attention given to Lohan, we at Common Sense Conspiracy bet you don’t know this one.

On May 20, 2012, less than a month before she would be found unconscious in her hotel room and rushed to the hospital, Lindsay Lohan Tweeted to her followers a picture of a man that security cameras outside of her home captured an image of.  She claims that he is a Freemason and has been stalking her for some time.  She expressed that she feared for her life and felt that the Illuminati was after her.  Since then, the Tweets miraculously disappeared and now there is no trace of her claims.  There were no police reports filed or anything like that.  But less than a month later, something has happened.

This is a breaking story, and we are monitoring to see what happens as more information becomes available.  For now, we wanted to get the Illuminati link out there and in the consciousness for those that are interested.  Isn’t it interesting that for all the media coverage surrounding the troubled starlet, no major media source reported on her Illuminati fears?  And is Lindsay Lohan about to be the next Illuminati victim?

EDIT — Now, news sources are reporting that Lohan was not transported to the hospital and that the whole things was a misunderstanding.  Apparently she was very tired from a taxing shooting schedule and was unresponsive.  Apparently, she is okay, but the situation is strange and we will continue to keep you informed.

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  1. Poor girl, a lot of the news abut this girl with drugs and blah blah blah has only surfaces to keep ppl focused on her troubles in her life so once it happens everyone will be like “well she brought it upon herself” it be so sad if something happens to this young lady.

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