Japan Set To Restart Nuclear Reactors Amid Mass Public Outrage

The Japanese people have made their stance on nuclear power clear, but it seems that their demands have fallen on deaf ears.

Japan is set to restart two nuclear reactors at the Kansai Electric Power Ohi nuclear plant, which lies northwest of Tokyo. It is being warned that widespread power shortages will occur this summer unless this course of action is taken. On a slightly positive note, Kansai is the most safety-conscious power plant operators. The two reactors in queastion are NOT owned by the notorious TEPCO. However, the Japanese people have spoken very loudly. They have stated that they do not want the reactors restarted. They want their government to take the country away from nuclear energy. The people have spoken, but the Japanese government seems to not care.

After the massive earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan some 15 months ago, the residents of Japan have been very uneasy, and with good reason. Scientists claim that if another large quake strikes the region, it could spell the end of Japan. They have said that the reactors at Fukushima can’t withstand another strong quake. This is just another example of the people speaking up and stating what they want and the government not listening.

As smart as we humans are, there has to be another way to do things. If the Japanese don’t want nuclear power, then why do they have to have it? We can’t find another source of energy to use? Humans are very resourceful and we can find a way. The people of Japan are still shaken by the aftermath of the events of last March and with good reason. Those people are probably terrified and looking to the government to do something. Well they decided to do the SAME thing. They have decided to not change a thing. So instead of bringing relief and comfort to their people, they have instead brought more fear and anxiety. The Japanese government has an obligation to help their people and listen to their concerns. Whatever happened to a government that worked for their people? ┬áThat’s such a crazy idea isn’t it?