Indian Man Beheads His Own Daughter

India is another place in the Middle East where the people are getting tired of old traditions infringing on their freedoms.

Ogad Singh’s 20-year-old daughter was living with her parents after she left her husband. She was married for two years and living in Rajasthani village of Dungarji in India. Singh was upset by his daughter  having affairs with men and she even eloped with one of them two weeks ago. So in a rage over her lifestyle, he forced her to come home and chopped her head off with a sword. He then paraded the girl’s head around his village before surrendering to authorities. So I guess I will be the one to ask the question, What the f**k? Sorry kiddies, but it had to be said.

What in the holy hell is going on in India? How can this be considered ok? I guess it is more shocking to people who don’t live over there. Maybe this sort of behavior is acceptable. I don’t know, just trying to think it through. But is this a sign of more trouble to come? Let me explain.

India is undergoing a major change. Indian youths are resisting tradition. They are resisting arranged marriages and the limits placed on women venturing outside their parents’ or husbands’ home. Sometimes change can be good. Do you think that change is in order in India? Change would be good if it keeps things like this from happening.

Ogad Singh being mad about his daughter’s lifestyle is one thing. Murdering her because of it is another thing entirely. Did he really have to cross that line? Apparently he thought so.