Has the Hollywood Well Run Dry? Robocop Remake Announcement Enrages Audiences

Whether remaking old movies or creating versions of cartoons, Hollywood is all about anything that doesn't require originality.

People love movies.  They are part of the fabric of our society, and everyone has that old favorite movie that touched them in a way that will always be special to them.  But in a time when Hollywood has more tools at its disposal than ever, it seems like there is a true drought for original ideas.  With special effects allowing moviemakers to bring worlds alive like never before, you would think that writers would be churning out new scripts to take advantage.  Only Hollywood seems to be content to tread already well trodden ground.

Let’s look at the current slate of movies during the blockbuster summer season.  You have Prometheus which is a prequel to the classic Aliens.  You have The Avengers, yet another comic book adaptation.  Now we’re not trashing comic books here, and many of the comic book movies are an example of Hollywood finally having the technology to bring classic characters to life.  But it also seems like a go-to formula.  They don’t have a new, fresh concept, so let’s just sink a few hundred million in another comic book hero movie.  Then you have the latest in the Batman saga, The Dark Knight Rises.  Granted, the latest Batman trilogy has been some of the greatest movies we’ve seen in a while, but still, no originality.  Nothing new.  Tried and true formula.  And when they aren’t busy going after comic book heroes, they are even converting classic Disney cartoons into real-life dark movies.  See Snow White and the Huntsman if you have any more questions.  To make it even worse though, we are now being bombarded with remakes.

Total Recall is one that comes to mind.  Is there really any call for this movie to be re-made?  Granted, it will look a lot better with all the special effects marvels, but how about a new story?  How about some originality, Hollywood?  Why are these talented writers spending all their time working on remakes instead of writing their own fresh material?  What will be the classics of our generation if all Hollywood wants to do is remake old movies to make a quick buck off of nostalgic audiences.  And the latest is the one that really has people talking.  Robocop is getting a reboot.  We looked around at several news sites that were reporting that Samuel L. Jackson had signed on to be in the Robocop remake.  There were tons of comments of the negative variety.  People are tired of remakes, and especially remakes of movies where there just doesn’t seem to be a good reason.  Does anyone really need Robocop in 2012?  Part of what made that movie cool back in the 80’s was because it was futuristic.  Now, it doesn’t really seem all that futuristic at all.  We have reported about robot prostitutes on this very site.  Robocop is a hop, skip, and jump away from being a reality show, not a movie.  The reaction is clear:  people are tired of shelling out their hard earned money for another lackluster remake of “classic” films.  And they don’t understand why Hollywood is asking them to.

Really, does the world need a Robocop remake?

The thing here is that the reason Hollywood keeps going down this path is because it works.  People do go see these movies and they do make money.  They take the safe bet, making a movie that they know will make a certain amount of money for sure rather than taking a chance on something new that might be even more successful.  And in the end, this means new, fresh writers are being shut out or forced to use their talents to give Hollywood what it wants to make a living.  We are depriving ourselves of quality movies by continuing to make this marketing strategy a successful one.  Maybe it’s time for America to send Hollywood a message and stop pulling out their pocketbooks until they get something original to wrap their minds around.

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  1. Prometheus is not a prequel to Aliens, it is somewhat a prequel to Alien from (1979) directed by Scott himself. Aliens (1986) is James Cameron directed and more action oriented then Sci Fi thriller.

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