Has The Big Bang Theory Been Debunked?? Scientist Claims Entire Universe Existed BEFORE The Big Bang

So was the Big Bang the beginning, or the end, or the end of the beginning?

The scientist making this startling claim is Roger Penrose. He is an Oxford university scientist. Penrose has claimed that a NASA telescope has discovered cosmic radiation that is OLDER than the Big Bang. Cosmic radiation background was formed in concentric circles. Some of the circles had five rings meaning they had five massive events in their life. The circles are believed to be imprints of violent gravitational forces generated by black holes that EXISTED long before the Big Bang. What does this all mean?

Well it means that maybe scientists and astronomers have been wrong. A lot of us have been taught in school that the Big Bang was the start of the universe. We have been taught that the universe came into existence after the Big Bang. Since this discovery, Penrose believes that there is “something out there.” What is the something? No one really knows. Will the textbooks be altered because of this recent discovery? It seems like if a discovery is made that supports the Big Bang or evolution, school books get altered. Well now a finding has been made that does not support the Big Bang, but how quickly will the school books be altered if at all?

Since a discovery of this magnitude, what are your thoughts? Never before has anything been found to be older than the Big Bang. Where are all the Big Bang supporters at? Will they even show up? All of these things are very interesting because this puts the universe into a new perspective. What else will be found that is older than the universe is believed to be? NASA never seems to disappoint. They will come out and not give any answers about anything and then they will make some of the most impressive discoveries in the universe. Not bad for a organization that usually stands for Never A Straight Answer.

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  1. I Doubt the books will get changed… Darwin’s theory of step by step evolution was debunked some years back now and this is still a staple of academia. I would love to see what other brains have to say about this discovery.

    1. There is no step by step evolution. As the crust of earth started cooling down the fishy pockets developed all over along with sperms and ovaries floating in them. THEY GOT THE SUITABLE ATMOSPHERE and got united developing different living creatures including human being. How universe is produced is a question which can be understood if we can produce life e artificially.. or know on SUPER NATURAL POWER more.

  2. The BBT is the biggest fraud ever made in the name of science! Its a mathematical model with so many fudges and fiddle factors that it cannot justify itself any more. Anyone who supports this nonsense is not a scientist. The BBT predicted a CBR of 50K. When it was discovered to be 2.7K the maths was adjusted to fit the measurement. Same with DM and DE. Utterly shameful.

  3. How can anyone who doesn’t realize “alot” is not a word be taken seriously..

    1. Thanks. We corrected that terrible error that we made that involved one whole space between two individual words. We couldn’t have spotted this error without a good Samaritan like you that has never made a mistake in your whole life to point it out for us. Now that we have been blessed by your complete perfection, we can hopefully go on and maybe, just maybe, one day we can be taken seriously again.

      Thanks so much,

      Your Common Sense Conspiracy Administrators

  4. I know for a fact after this current expansion of universe, another 3.5bil yrs, it will collapse back upon itself into another giant black hole. Then in another 7-10 billion years, explode again into a new universe. Has been doing this since beginning of time, which was never. Also Earth had advanced human life 100,000 yrs ago to 25,000 yrs ago, which also collapsed, putting human life back to the stone age. & that will happen again also.

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