Guatemala Syphilis Experiment Lawsuit Dismissed

A federal court has dismissed a lawsuit against the United States for testing syphilis in Guatemala. From 1946-1948, Dr. John Cutler was the physician who led the experiments that tested syphilis on some people in Guatemala, because they wanted to see how penicillin treated the disease. The U.S. Public Health Service and the Pan American Sanitary Bureau cooperated with Guatemalan government agencies in running the tests. John Cutler also assisted in the Tuskegee Study back in the 1970’s. Remember what the Tuskegee study was about? If you guessed syphilis, you are today’s champion! Now let’s look at the real situation.

One of the main problems is that some researchers have said that the experiments have not provided any useful information. It’s funny how the government will do things like this, and when there is a outcry, they will all of a sudden say “no useful information was provided.” Like that is supposed to make everything ok. Well it doesn’t. What they did to these people was wrong.

The other problem is that federal law prevents any claims against the U.S. that are based on injuries suffered in a foreign country. AND THAT’S THE GAME! Why you may be asking? IT IS NOW ALL LEGAL!!! Think about it for a moment. They have admitted to doing this to these people and have now gotten away with it. On a loophole of all things. Because it was in a foreign country, apparently now its ok. It also doesn’t stop there.

There is a good reason for everything the government does...and where it does it.

Anyone tortured, any other experiments conducted, anything overseas in a foreign country is now apparently LEGAL! The problem is that this incident in Guatemala has now opened the door to all this. Why do you think that all of the rumored CIA secret prisons are in a foreign country? Why do you think the prison in Guantanamo Bay Cuba is still open? Because they can do whatever they want as long as they are in a foreign country. Have you seen the movie Shooter? A similar scenario plays out in that movie.

Danny Glover’s character in the movie is brought up on war crimes charges. When Mark Wahlberg’s character, toward the end, finally explains what happened, he is told that because Glover’s crimes happened in Africa, HE CAN”T BE CHARGED IN THE U.S.!!! Does it make sense now?

So watch out! If the government does any of these things to you or anyone else in a foreign country, rest assured, YOU CAN DO NOTHING ABOUT IT. We are sorry. Big Brother will always find a way to win in the end. There is an old saying, “When you think you know all the answers, Big Brother will change the questions.”