First Ever Miss Holocaust Crowned In Israel Amid Controversy

Hava Hershkovitz is a true survivor, but is this a slap in the face to those that lost their lives?

Hava Hershkovitz was crowned as the first ever Miss Holocaust in Haifa, Israel. Over 300 women registered for the contest. They ranged in age from 74-97. The contest was dwindled down to 14 contestants and is being billed as a celebration of life. The women were chosen based on personal stories of survival and rebuilding their lives after the war. A lot of people are having a problem with this contest because it is technically a beauty pageant but judges claim that beauty was not the determining factor for the contest. Beauty accounted for 10 percent of the contest. One problem may be that some people feel that the Holocaust is being glorified. Even the makeup companies who did the contestants makeup was being accused of exploiting the women. Do you think the women were being exploited?

I know this is supposed to be a celebration of life, but I can understand how some people may have a problem with this contest. People have been arrested for Anti-Semitic remarks in the past. I know that this is trying to bring awareness to what these woman went through during the Holocaust. Some people even believe that the Holocaust never happened. We understand what was trying to be done here but was this the right way to do it? The woman in the contest seemed to have had a good time. But, maybe they understand why some people would not be cool with this kind of contest.

The CSC is not really sure where we stand on this. On one hand we can understand that the woman involved may have had a good time and celebrated their survival from one of the worst atrocities in human history. But, on the other hand, we also understand that some people may have a problem with this type of contest.

We will leave this to your opinion. What do you think about this contest?