Dear Government: Stay the Hell Out of Sports. Sincerely, America

Is Roger Clemens a lying scumbag? The correct answer is who cares?

Today, legendary baseball pitcher Roger Clemens was acquitted of all charges by a jury of his peers.  Clemens was just the latest in a long line of baseball-related scandals that boil down to steroid use.  Barry Bonds is the other most visible athlete that was actually prosecuted for lying about steroid use.  Whether you believe or agree with the Clemens’ verdict or not, we at Common Sense Conspiracy believe that it is sending a resounding message to Congress.  Americans are tired of watching the government spend millions in taxpayer dollars pursuing things like this.

Steroid use in baseball has been a scandal that has tainted “America’s favorite pastime” possibly for years to come.  So many people cheered on these great athletes that accomplished heroic feats and broke longstanding records that many believed would stand the test of time.  To find out that they were using performance-enhancing drugs to make their mark on the game left many sports fans feeling jaded about the sport.  However, while steroid use is clearly against the rules of professional baseball, this is not something that should fall under the jurisdiction of Congress.

We understand the gravity of people like Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens lying to a federal grand jury.   To allow them to get away with perjury makes a mockery of the system, and we do believe that these upper-echelon athletes are subject to the same laws as everyone else.  However, the problem is that they never should have been asked these questions to begin with.  That’s right.  Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds should have never even had the opportunity to commit the act of perjury, because the questions they were being asked should never have been posed in the first place.

Our legal system is supposed to be a marvelous example to the rest of the world on how to bring justice fairly and equally.  But Americans are sick and tired of watching the wheels of the justice system eat up millions of dollars for what most normal people consider to be frivolous matters.  Both trials in question took weeks to complete.  Why is there so much evidence to be presented in a simple case of perjury?  That trial should have taken an afternoon and been sent to the jury by the morning after the trial started.  Why does the court system let both sides drag these affairs out for weeks at the expense of everyday Americans when quite often the trials come down to one piece of evidence or witness testimony?  It is a well-documented fact that jurors get lost in the bullshit jargon of “expert witnesses” and they have an understandably limited attention span.  Why do we waste all of this money?  Don’t tell me they have no choice.  There isn’t a judge in America that can’t control how long and what happens in a trial proceeding.  They are so afraid of being unfair or not allowing one side or the other present enough information to the jury.  But if there were limitations on such things, the prosecution and defense alike would be forced to analyze their cases and select the stuff that really matters and hammer that home.  And the jurors would still be able to make a decision based on evidence, and they would be back with their families and working again much faster.  And of course, millions upon millions of dollars could be earmarked for something more important than giving a jury a month-long siesta.

Everyone knew Barry Bonds was lying, but was it worth the multi-millions spent in the courts to prove it?

Congress has plenty of problems on the docket, but they seem to be more interested in pursuing petty matters like these than doing something about the real issues plaguing our nation.  So, let this acquittal be a call to arms.  Americans are tired of Congress meddling in affairs that have nothing to do with them, especially when there are so much more pressing matters they could be attending to.  They relentlessly pursue cases like these, but when a bill is on the floor that could actually help ordinary Americans or the country as a whole, they want to deadlock, filibuster, and half of them don’t even show up to voting sessions.  Let Common Sense Conspiracy be the first to deliver the message, Congress.  Stay the hell out of sports.  Get to work on something that really matters.  And stop wasting our money.



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