CERN to Release New Findings on July 4 — World Waits for Significant News

Proving the existence of the Higgs particle will bolster our understanding of how our vast universe works at the tiniest levels.

The CERN laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland is back in the news.  They have announced a press conference to be streamed around the world on July 4, and many in the scientific community are bracing themselves for what they feel could be a very big announcement.  CERN holds press conferences from time to time, but there is extra buzz about this one, and a many believe that CERN may be poised to finally release definitive proof of the elusive Higgs particle, often referred to as the “God particle.”

The existence of the Higgs particle has been theorized for decades, but physicists have been unable to prove that it exists.  Doing this would help fill in some of the holes in their perception and understanding of the universe, and being able to say that Higgs is definitely present will be a major scientific achievement.  It will also vindicate the CERN collider, which up until now many feel was a waste of money and time.  These sentiments were only increased when CERN mistakenly announced that it had observed tiny objects moving at faster than the speed of light, Einstein’s legendary universal speed limit.  A few weeks later, CERN was forced to admit that they had screwed up and released the information too soon.  Further testing revealed that the objects in question were not moving faster than the speed of light after all.  The guffaw left many critics of CERN with even more ammunition to throw around.  Whatever the CERN laboratory intends to reveal to the world next week, we hope they have made sure they have the right story this time.