Cannibal Victim Recovering — Poppo Loves Lebron James — Eugene Loves Religion

Poppo walks, with a little help from his friends. Pretty amazing scene, all things considered.

Not everyone hates Lebron James apparently.  Ronald Poppo is one of the few and proud that supports the Miami Heat in the NBA finals.  If you don’t know (and how could you not), Ronald Poppo was the victim of the now infamous cannibal attack in Miami, Florida.  The vicious attack left Mr. Poppo missing 50% of his face, including most of his nose and one of his eyeballs.  Remarkably, he is in good spirits and recovering nicely.  Yes, his face is still destroyed, but doctors say that he is taking it as well as anyone possibly could.  He is undergoing reconstructive surgery on a regular basis and doctors have set up a special fund for people to donate to his recovery.  The efforts have raised over $15,000 so far.

In between surgeries and rehabilitation, Poppo still took time to keep up with the ongoing NBA playoffs and finals, telling the doctors “Go Heat!”  We feel that Lebron James should personally beef up the recovery fund for his support, as Heat supporters are hard to be found these days.  Although it should be noted that Poppo is a homeless man from Miami, so maybe he just has some community spirit.  He actually was able to take a walk down a hospital hallway with help from medical staff.

On the other side of the fence, Rudy Eugene, the “Miami Cannibal”, has details coming out about his situation.  Autopsy results show that amazingly enough, Eugene had no human flesh in his stomach.  He did not actually eat the man’s face.  He just ripped the flesh off and spat it out on the road.  Also, pages of the Bible were found on his supposed path, and Eugene sported a Quran in his car.  There were some undigested pills in his stomach.  It will take a while before toxicology reports confirm what substances were in Eugene’s system that might have contributed the insane attack, but “bath salts” are still expected to be the cause.