Bilderberg Meeting Documents Released on WikiLeaks

The conspiracy world is abuzz with chatter about documents that were published on the controversial whistle blower site WikiLeaks that are supposedly from long past Bilderberg meetings.  The documents feature much discussion on world events in their respective time periods, but there is no references in any of them to who said what and any decisions that may have been made as a result of the discussion.  The collection spans the years of 1955 up until 1973, although there is not a document from each year.

Analysis of the documents has been divided.  Some people believe the documents prove virtually nothing because all they are is discussion topics and notes from the meetings but do not indicate that any of the conspiracy theories are true, meaning that there is no evidence that Bilderberg actually enacts policies to try to influence world events.  The documents show Bilderberg as more a collection of very important people that discuss what is going on in the world and how it will influence and shape the world in the years to come.

While it is some interesting reading at times, Common Sense Conspiracy found the documents to be of little value to our readers.  You won’t learn much from reading these mountains of papers, and it is receiving a lot of hype when the documents are not really damning at all.  Of course, Alex Jones and the folks at Prison Planet jumped all over it and released a nearly hour-long video on YouTube examining the documents.  The documents are readily available on WikiLeaks, but we don’t recommend wasting your time pouring over this stuff from thirty years+ ago.  If someone wants to come forward with the documents from the 2012 Bilderberg meeting last week, now that would be really interesting.  Here is a link to the Alex Jones video if you are interested, but we believe there is probably better ways  to spend your 48 minutes.  However, as always, Common Sense Conspiracy perused it and found it to be of little real value for the purposes of educating yourselves against the dangers of the oncoming New World Order.

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