Austrian Politician Photographed Having Sex In A Forest

Big brother is everywhere. Watch yourselves.

Yes, you heard that correctly. An unnamed Austrian politician was photographed by a hidden wildlife camera having sex in a forest. $25,ooo in compensation is in line if the courts rule that his privacy was violated. The hidden camera was placed in the Austrian region of Carinthia. Legal experts have already said that the cameras controvene Austrian laws restricting the use of surveillance cameras. Here’s the thing, the cameras original intent was not for surveillance. It was placed to take pictures of the local wildlife, not a politician having kinky sex in a forest. Where does he think that his privacy was violated? Wasn’t he trespassing? Do they have laws for trespassing?

The thing is, you just have to be careful where you have sex. You just never know when a hidden wildlife camera will catch you in the act. It will be interesting to see where this situation goes from here. Will he get his compensation? Was his privacy violated? Maybe he should have done some surveillance of his own and looked for a camera. It seems like no matter how careful you think you are, somebody or some camera will see you.

Here’s a better question, who was he having sex with? Man, woman, animal, or better yet a robot prostitute? Maybe that is why he is claiming that his privacy was violated. Doesn’t want anyone to know who he was getting it on with. All I’m saying is that you never know. He could be married and he was having an affair in that forest.  I wonder if he had enough money to pay his robot prostitute??