Arizona Sheriff Arrests 6 Year Old Undocumented Immigrant

Say it ain’t so Sheriff Joe. Well it happened. The controversial Arizona sheriff, Joe Arpaio, arrested a 6-year-old undocumented immigrant. The little girl told authorities she was from El Salvador after her and 15 other immigrants were arrested. The move happened the SAME day that President Obama announced a new policy halting the deportations for young undocumented immigrants. Arpaio said that the president’s announcement would not impact his approach toward young undocumented immigrants. But as everyone knows, Sheriff Joe is no stranger to controversy.

Sheriff Joe has a reputation as a no-nonsense law enforcer. But did he step too far over the line this time?

Arpaio is currently the sheriff of Maricoapa County in Arizona. He runs his prisons with an iron fist. Inmates are housed outside, and they wear pink prisoner uniforms. He is also at the center of the Obama birth certificate conspiracy. Arpaio has admitted that he has used taxpayer resources to pursue the investigation into Obama’s birth certificate. The “birther conspiracy” is believed to have been debunked but hardcore conspiracy theorists believe otherwise. Good ole Sheriff Joe still believes that Obama may not be a citizen. Problem is, if Obama is indeed not a citizen, then it’s too little too late. He already served one term and will more than likely defeat Mitt Romney for a second term.

What you may not know about Sheriff Joe is that he is currently being sued by the Department of Justice for MULTIPLE civil rights violations. Maybe its about time. Maybe Joe Arpaio needs to be looked at a little closer.

Everyone is probably of the opinion that something should be done about illegal immigration. Yes, Joe Arpaio is currently at the forefront of this issue. But, is arresting a 6-YEAR-OLD GIRL THE ANSWER? Probably not.  She is 6!!! What possible threat does she pose? Please, someone please tell me. Maybe I just don’t understand. I am open to anyone explaining to me how this HELPS the problem. Yes, illegal immigration is a problem. Nobody likes to see an illegal immigrant get away with a crime or get free money for school, all the while Americans are going to jail for crimes and some people can’t get money for school. But this can not be the answer. Sheriff Joe makes it a point to stick it to Obama anytime he can.

Here is some advice for Sheriff Joe.  If you keep playing this little spite game with Obama, Obama will win. He will always win. Remember, Big Brother always gets the last laugh. I know you are trying to be a trail blazer and all, but this might be a game you lose. Big Brother tends to “suicide” people who are problems for them. I commend your effort Joe Arpaio, just be careful rocking the boat. You may very well capsize the boat on YOURSELF!

2 thoughts on “Arizona Sheriff Arrests 6 Year Old Undocumented Immigrant”

  1. And I quote, ” He already served one term and will more than likely defeat Mitt Romney for a second term.” I thought you told us 2 weeks ago the Bilderburgs had crowned Romney as the next president?

    1. Ruth, first of all thanks so much for stopping by and obviously you are an avid reader of Common Sense Conspiracy. We appreciate that and want you to know how thankful we are for readers like you. The discrepancy you called us out on is correct, but we will explain why.
      Common Sense Conspiracy is a website that was created by multiple persons with like-minded goals. I think by now everyone knows what that goal is. However, we don’t all share the same beliefs, although overall, we do. You might have noticed that different articles lean one way or another…for example, some of our articles have been pointed out by readers to have a Christian influence…the reality is that multiple contributors make the CSC possible, and depending on which article you are reading, the tone might be different.
      If you believe in the Bilderberg conspiracy, then the article declaring Romney our new President is accurate. If you do not, then you might think otherwise. Common Sense Conspiracy is a melting pot of ideas, and we want to hear yours as well. Thanks so much for commenting, and we hope that this clears up some of the issues.

      P.S. This individual administrator does believe in Bilderberg, so for what it’s worth, I believe Romney is your next President, against all odds. But this article is still accurate. Public opinion certainly suggests that Obama should walk to his re-election, especially with his usual fundraising exploits.

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