Apple Store Refuses To Sell iPad To Iranian-American Girl

Apple is making sure that Iran won't be getting their hands on any of their technology anytime soon. Unless of course it is ordered online, in which case it is perfectly okay.

Sahar Sabet and her uncle visiting from Iran went to a Apple store in Georgia to purchase an iPad for her cousin. The cousin lives in Iran and the iPad was to be a gift. When Sabet started speaking Farsi to her uncle, she was asked what language she was speaking. She answered Farsi. Sabet was informed about an Apple policy that prohibits the sale of iPad’s if they are to be exported to Iran. You see, the United States has a list of 5 countries, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria, that they have a total trade embargo with. Apple could face legal liability if they sold a product knowing it was going to Iran. Sahar Sabet called Apple corporate and was told that she could purchase the iPad online. WHAT? Hold the hell on a minute.

Even though Sabet did not disclose the fact of buying the iPad for her cousin in Iran, she was denied the purchase at the store. Remember Apple could face legal problems for selling product knowing its going to Iran. If that’s the case, why was she allowed to purchase online? We all now know that Apple is trying to enforce U.S. trade embargoes. So did they make a mistake by allowing the purchase to take place online? It seems Apple is standing on a slippery slope.

The thing is, what does it matter? Apple enforcing this policy makes no difference to Iran and its nuclear ambitions. That one iPad is not going to give Iran the long sought after nuclear weapon they desire. Apple did not save the world by enforcing their policy.

Common Sense Conspiracy wants to know, WHY! Why was it a problem to buy the iPad at the store? Why then after that was the purchase allowed from Apple’s website? Sahar Sabet was obviously discriminated against. But maybe we don’t understand. Does Apple think she is a part of some kind of sleeper cell operating in the U.S.? Surely not, but they acted that way.

We would like to offer our advice to Apple. A wise man once said, “If you make a stupid rule, you should have to follow that stupid rule at all times.” That means that if Sabet was denied the right to purchase at the store because of a rule, then that same rule should have applied to online purchases as well.