A Woman In China Forcibly Held Down And Her 7 Month Old Fetus Aborted

This is a horrible tragedy. 23 year old Feng Jianmei and her 29 year old husband Deng Jiayuan are farmers in China. They already have one child and the second child was unplanned. Since they are farmers, they are entitled by Chinese law to have a second baby with permission of their local Family Planning Bureau. She did not fill out the proper paperwork for the second child. She was taken on May 30th by 20 plus officials and ransomed for 40,000 yuan. Well, the unthinkable happened. Feng Jianmei was held down and a pillow was put over her face and her baby was given a lethal injection. Jianmei commented that she felt the baby moving and then all of a sudden the baby stopped moving. Her baby was 7 months old. This horrible act was carried out by the local Communist party cadres in Ankang, Shaanxi province.

Chinese authorities in the province have stated that the abortion was illegal. Jianmei should have never been subjected to this horror. This is just a reminder about how cold and cruel this world is. It’s a reminder that bad things still happen and they happen all around the world. It is strange to see the Chinese authorities trying to step up. They have sent in a team to investigate this case. They want to know why this happened. The world wants to know why this was allowed to happen.

How can we call ourselves civilized when a woman was held down and her baby was killed? This should never have happened. It has been rumored that Feng Jianmei has attempted suicide at least once since this crime was done to her.

Common Sense Conspiracy would like to extend our sympathies to Feng Jianmei and her husband Deng Jiayuan. We are sorry that this has happened to you. We hope justice will be served by the Chinese authorities.