An Open Question For Bilderberg — What More Do You People Want??

Plenty of people showed up in Virginia to protest 2012's Bilderberg meeting. But maybe it's time to take a step back and and ask these people what they want? What would appease Bilderberg? What would make them happy?

Bilderberg is not normally the one on the receiving end of questions so here goes. Like the title says, what more do you people want? We here at the CSC feel this is a valid question. Now with that being said, we in no way expect Bilderberg to call a press conference to address this question. Maybe some people thought about this but never asked. Has anyone even thought to ask this? Let’s break it down.

Bilderberg controls just about everything. They control world economies, whether leaders remain in power, who to place in power, oil, banking, television, newspapers, news anchors, etc. etc. etc. These are just a few things. They probably control much more than this. But these few things when you think about it are quite alot. Bilderberg shapes the world according to its vision of what the world should be. They have no concern for the ‘little guy’ and make no excuses for stepping on people’s necks and toes for that matter. Everyone knows they are real. It’s not like it was before when Bilderberg was just watercooler talk and only mentioned in whispers. Now the supposedly ultra secretive organization is at the forefront of conspiracies.

Bilderberg is rumored to have a hatred of all things alternative media and now Ron Paul. But why? They know Ron Paul will not win the presidential election so why are they threatened by him? Ron Paul is unlikely to be the reason that the Bilderberg group just up and says, “Well guys it was a nice run but that Ron Paul put the final nail in the coffin.” Don’t see that one happening. The alternative media is also a thorn in their side but yet again, why? What is Bilderberg afraid of? Maybe they just want us to believe these things. Let’s face facts. They control everything. But that is not enough. They want to control when we breathe, when we eat, when we pee and poop, when our brain works, when we dream, when we do ANYTHING. That’s what people who have power want. They want more power. They have all the money but what do they want? MORE MONEY! They have all the power but what do they want? MORE POWER!  More, more, more, when is it enough?

So I guess what i’m saying is, WAKE UP. You already control everything. I am NOT a supporter of them or their actions but good grief enough is enough. Stop pretending you have no control. We all know you want a smaller world population because that would be easier to control. But remember this, you can’t kill us all because if you do who will you tax? Who will you enslave? What people will you step on if we are all gone? Have you even taken any of this into consideration?

I wonder what keeps you up at night, if anything. So if you kill us all will you just clone us and kill us again? I’m going to wrap this up before this reaches EPIC RANT status but me, my partners at CSC and other conspiracy minded people want to know, WHAT MORE DO YOU PEOPLE WANT?


One thought on “An Open Question For Bilderberg — What More Do You People Want??”

  1. “….you do who will you tax? Who will you enslave? What people will you step on if we are all gone?”
    That is what I always wondered, with basic premise of pop. reduction of 80% or more and level off incomes to above third world…
    Maybe a formula, like peak oil, only peak world. So to keep a nice playground have the peasants roam make you rich then kill them off before they wreck the plaground. Keep a few for slaves concubines and gladiatorial fun. Wait, kinda cool, where do I sign up?

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