A Look At Illegal Immigration — Aren’t We All Illegal Immigrants Anyway??

The illegal immigration issue is certainly a hot button topic as of late. Arizona has been in the news with their immigration laws that they are trying to pass. State Senator Russell Pearce is one of the people who helped to propose the legislation. He once said that illegal immigrants are “invaders on the American sovereignty.” My question is as the title suggests, “Aren’t we all illegal immigrants anyway?”

Illegal immigration is defined as migration to a country/state in violation of the immigration laws and sovereignty of that country/state. Well, what if there are no immigration laws in place? In the year 1607, English settlers arrived in America. What were the laws back then? Did the English settlers invade the American sovereignty by coming here? You see, our ancestors are NOT from this country. Depending on which scientist you talk to, we as humans either migrated from Africa, Asia or the Middle East. Now if I’m not mistaken, America was not on that list. Now we have all these laws and all of a sudden it’s illegal. The world would not have gotten populated had it not been for immigration. In 1656, laws were passed that made the Quakers illegal aliens. So, before 1656, it was ok for Quakers to come here. Then in 1656, all of a sudden it was illegal.

I am trying to look at a bigger and broader picture here. My ancestors are from Europe, like most people. Well, those ancestors’ ancestors are from somewhere other than Europe. So, if there were no laws against it, does it make it right? Did my ancestors invade the American sovereignty by coming here? What about your ancestors? Everybody wants to talk about this issue, but they forget that we are all immigrants and illegal ones at that. Did any of our ancestors bother to find out what the immigration laws were around the world? We expect the illegal immigrants from Mexico to register and become documented, right? Where are the proper documents from Europe saying we are registered immigrants? Does anybody have them? Probably not. This entire planet was populated by immigration. Why is it illegal now? African Americans have been told before that they needed to go back to Africa. Well, some scientists believe that ALL HUMANS migrated from Africa. If that is true, then all the White people should load up and go back to Africa. Since part of the definition of illegal immigration is the violation of a country/state’s sovereignty, then every country in the world has had their sovereignty violated. All I’m trying to do is look at this issue from a different perspective.

I know that this may not be a popular way to look at this issue. But, just think about it for a minute. Have you ever thought about it like this before? When I talk about ancestors, I’m not justing talking about immediate ancestors, like from Europe. I’m talking all the way back to the first human migration. How easily we forget that we are not native to this country. What about when we took this land from the Indians? Yet again, I ask, were the immigration laws followed? Was sovereignty violated?

I know that laws must be followed. I’m just looking at it from a different angle. Just because you are born here, doesn’t mean you are from here. I will give you an example. If my friend and his wife take a vacation to, oh I don’t know,  say Russia, and have a baby, is that baby Russian? No, the baby is not Russian. Well, it’s like when a Mexican baby is born here. They are considered American citizens. Well, really they are not. Just like my friend’s baby would not be a Russian citizen. Our ancestry says we are not from here. We migrated from somwhere else. In the bigger scheme of things, this is about ancestry. That’s what I meant in the above scenario.

Is illegal immigration a bad thing? Maybe it is. I just don’t want anyone to forget that we all came from somewhere else. If we were able to trace our ancestry all the way back to the beginning of time, we might find out we are all related. Some scientist’s believe that we humans have one primordial mother. Then with that logic, we have one primordial father. Meaning that we all came from one mother and one father. Then we all started migrating to the rest of the world and populating it.

Maybe that’s my problem. I try to put everyone in the same boat. A good friend of mine told me that people don’t want to be put together in the same boat. And he is right about that. The thing is, maybe we are all in the same boat together. All I’m asking is for you to think about this the next time a immigration issue comes up.

Where are your ancestors from?

4 thoughts on “A Look At Illegal Immigration — Aren’t We All Illegal Immigrants Anyway??”

  1. I don’t know about Russia, but I do know. About Germany. If your friends were visiting Germany and had a baby while in Germany, yes that child would have a duel citizenship status. The child would be considered both a German and an American citizen and would have citizenship in both countries until they choose residency when they are 18. My son was born in Germany to American parents. He is a citizen of both countries until he chooses his residency when he is 18. He has a German birth certificate and Born Abroad certificate.

    1. Ashley! We are so thankful you stopped by. Thanks for giving us some facts in this matter. We don’t know the rules and regulations around the world, but it’s nice to get some insight into how stuff really works. The article takes a broader approach and looks at this from a perspective that people often don’t look at it from. The nuts and bolts of the laws are not addressed, but we appreciate anyone who wants to let our readers know how it really works in different areas. Whatever the target of the article, this is good information and helps us get a better picture of the issue as a whole.

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