18 Minutes Of Cannibalism In Miami — Where Was God?? How About Where Was Humanity?!?

Incidents like these often make people question God, but do we ever stop to question ourselves?

The Miami cannibal attack has been etched into everyone’s mind. If you haven’t heard, a 31-year-old man named Rudy Eugene viciously attacked 65-year-old Ronald Poppo, and the attack saw Eugene eat Poppo’s face. That’s right, Eugene ate about 80 percent of Poppo’s face. The Miami Herald reported that the nose, face and eyes were torn off during the 18 minute attack that was caught by their security cameras. Now you might be wondering why God has been brought into this. Well, as we at the CSC were surfing the internet and checking out the forums, we came across a thread that stated “Where was God during those 18 minutes.” We would like to address this question. God is not a popular topic amongst people nowadays. We do believe that most people believe in God in some form or fashion. Everyone is not going to have the same beliefs and we understand that. The person who posted this went on to assert that God was not present that day in Miami because he does not exist. That is unfair. That is a big jump to make that God doesn’t exist because he did not intervene in that horrible 18 minutes. Most Christians believe that God has given everyone free will. Let’s take a look at free will.

God could violate our free will and force us to love him and do what he wants us to do. But God lets us decide the choices that we make. Did Rudy Eugene knowingly take the bath salts? That is a possibility. If he knowingly took it, he used his free will, and the course of action that was¬†possibly started by that decision was played out. We as humans make decision’s everyday, good or bad. Those choices, good or bad, have consequences that play out after we make them. Did you cuss out your boss? That was a free will choice a person can make. Did that same boss fire you? The boss firing you was a consequence of you cussing him or her out. If that person is you, are you asking, “Where’s God?” God will let us make our own choices and sometimes God will let them play out. That is what having free will is. God is all powerful and can certainly do away with free will, but he doesn’t. If we choose to love God, then our love means that much more. If a woman or a man freely love their spouse, for example, and are not forced to love that person, then that love means so much more. You might be wondering about the “How About Where Was Humanity?”part.

After doing a Google search, we discovered the security camera footage that shows some of the attack. We read the reports and it was revealed that a lot of the attack was obscured by the freeway. There are reports going around that several vehicles, including buses and 3 bicyclists passed by the attack. Where was Humanity? Why didn’t they intervene? A vehicle even slowed down and rolled past slowly, right by the scene, as Eugene continued his gruesome assault. It is also being reported that at least 5, that’s right 5, passers-by called the police to report the incident. Where was Humanity? Why didn’t they intervene?

Some may be quick to point the finger at God, but what about these people. They did nothing to get Rudy Eugene to stop eating the face of Ronald Poppo. God is an easy target to lay all the blame. But maybe those people could have done more. The person who posted the original thread about “Where was God?” and believes that God doesn’t exist because he did not intervene said nothing of these people, who possibly could have done something. The problem is not God, it’s US! We as people are LAZY! We don’t want to get involved in something like this. Oh, but we will call the cops and relieve our conscience and claim that we did all we could to help. Humans don’t want to help other humans. We view it as “it’s not our problem, so why should I get involved?” The world could be a better place , if we HELP EACH OTHER!!¬†Why is helping someone suddenly frowned on?

God did not let Ronald Poppo down, the people who went by and saw the attack and DID NOTHING, they let Ronald Poppo down. Don’t blame God, blame humanity.

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  1. Humanity aside… God aside… There are so many aspects of this story that are shocking. One aspect is the possibility synthetic drugs had been used by Rudy, this could quite easily go completely out of control if the substance is used in the nightclubs.

    Can you imagine the horror that could be unleashed if this does in fact turn out to be ‘Bath Salts’?

    And yes… those who did turn their backs should be ashamed… now having said that one of those individuals did actually dial 911.

    This is a tragedy as much as it is a crime… God or not, society has a lot to be blamed for, as much as the government who have caused enough turmoil in peoples lives that they turn to drugs, crime or become paranoid maniacs. Then we have the system that fails those who are obviously clinically insane and allow them individuals onto the streets… this is before I even go into the experiments going on in labs all over the world.

    Something is about to blow… it is not going to be pretty.

    Great article


    Ed – Beyond News Forum

  2. god has his own was of doing things example: u shoot a person hell do some thing about that. i hate when ppl jus say all that out the blue basically say god is not real


  3. God is everywhere, all of the time.
    Actions of you’re own are you’re responsibility, you’re beliefs are you’re responsibility, if you turn your head away from an act that can be prevented, you will also be turned away.
    The Miami issue is no different than any other brutal crime. It’s all about intent. People do crimes like this while their not on drugs or alcohol, and thanks to the media, movies etc.
    Violence and graphic violence presented as entertainment has desensitized our fellow humans.
    It happens, see killing everyday you get desensitized, same in the medical and mortuary science, there will be cases that really cause you to stand back and think likeWTF, but this is a world of very overly sensitive many times violent reactive individuals.
    Now, take the Miami crime in this case. Convict sentence to death, life without parole, firing squad, mental health.
    Truth is the damage has been done, no punishment is going to bring back the man’s face.
    Question, is there a difference between raping and sodomizing a 5 year old child and the cannibal crime?
    Yes physically, yes psychologically. So why the different views. In case two, castration, death, life imprisonment or what? There’s always going to be those that say ,” treatment will work , execution bad, therapy will work.
    Personally I believe the victim and or victims family if victim is deceased from the event to choose.
    If most had to deal with these cases daily you’d see why most in the field don’t believe in therapy.
    Then the subject of the off the chart sentence difference s.
    Some states give more time for burglary then rape or homicide.
    It’s all about responsibility people, a world of irresponsibility on part of people in part of government.
    The majority of prisons have better amenities and benefits of most in nursing homes, and it’s highly unlikely the prisoner footing the bill.

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