Will Smith’s Son Jaden Asks President Barack Obama About Aliens

Jaden Smith wants answers to the real questions, people.

Will Smith revealed in an interview that his son Jaden, famous in his own right for acting, couldn’t resist asking President Barack Obama some hard-hitting questions during a tour of the White House recently.  Jaden is 13, and he seems to have a bit of a fascination with aliens, which is probably helped along by his famous father’s frequent appearance in alien-themed films (Independence Day, Men in Black, I am Legend).  Smith cautioned his son that it wasn’t a good idea, but when Obama took them to the Situation Room, Jaden couldn’t hold it in any longer.

President Obama took the question in stride, saying only that he could not confirm or deny the existence of extraterrestrial beings, but if there was such a thing, and a meeting were required about it, it would definitely take place in the Situation Room.  The answer won’t turn any heads, and it pretty much echoes a statement released by the White House back last year about the same topic.  The statement indicated that the government has no evidence of extraterrestrial life outside of this Earth and that there is “no credible information to suggest that any evidence is being hidden from the public’s eye.”

But then again, they didn’t say it wasn’t possible…

3 thoughts on “Will Smith’s Son Jaden Asks President Barack Obama About Aliens”

  1. The better question Jaden should’ve asked Obama is, “Are you a Leviathan/Reptilian?”
    Then, whatever the answer was, the kid should’ve said, “Prove it.”

  2. Good question kid. Humans built the pyramids and other wonders of the world because they could. You keep your spirit strong and you can wittness in your life time how they did it. We don’t know where there is another planet with evolved life enough to visit us and the fact is you essence can be contained in a magnetic grid caklled your spirit and in the TOMIC FORM THE HUMAN SOUL PROTECTED IN ITS MAGNETIC SPIRIT CAN TRAVEL in space. which I am sure did and that is why it says that we are created in the image of God. Only God people could travel like that after they die. Lost the needy physical body that has a lot of needs. Thats why for the white light of the spirit people death is just a new adventure. Carie

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