Why is China Chopping Up and Grinding Babies to Put in Pills?

Everyone has heard the legends that Chinese people cut up dogs and cats in food, but grinding up babies?

In a breaking story today that can only be described as disturbing, South Korea has announced the discovery of thousands of drug pills that were unsuccessfully smuggled into the country from China.  Now, every country in this day and age has to deal with illegal drug smuggling, but this particular incident is markedly different from your average shipment of cocaine or a strong drug that rhymes with carrying.  These pills were filled with powder that was created from the flesh of babies. While South Korea did not specifically target China as the country of origin, it’s a fair assumption given the proximity to China and the fact that the Chinese government recently ordered a massive investigation into the production of these substances from dead babies last year.

The powder inside the pills is made from dead babies.  Their flesh is chopped into tiny pieces and then placed in ovens to dry them out.  The pieces are then ground into powder form and inserted into capsules.  People believe the pills have all sorts of properties that make them sought-after in China.  Some believe that the pills help stamina, making it something like energy drinks here in the United States.  Others actually believe the pills can cure disease.  Scientists say that the pills are more likely to be harmful than anything else, as many of them still contain leftover bacteria from the human flesh used for their creation.

This is not an isolated problem.  South Korea noted that it has had over 35 of these attempts in the last year or so leading to the confiscation of over 17,450 capsules containing powder from dead fetuses or newborns.  There is no information available about how this came about, how the babies are acquired, or just how prolific the practice is.  The death of a child is traumatic enough, but in China, apparently it’s an opportunity to capitalize by desecrating their bodies.  Seriously, what is wrong with this world?