Why Did Google Drop the Name “Persian Gulf” From Google Maps? Iran Angrily Suggests Legal Action Imminent

Even the name of these waters is a matter of contention.

State television in Iran communicated that the Iranian Foreign Ministry is highly perturbed over the revelation that Google Maps has dropped the name “Persian Gulf” for the waters between Iran and Arab states.  Apparently, Iran says that it is illegal and does not make sense against historical documents.  They are threatening to sue Google for the exclusion.

The name of the gulf has long been debated bitterly between Arabian nations.  Iran insists that it is the Persian Gulf, while others call it the Arabian Gulf.  It appears that Google took the high road and just left the waters nameless in an effort to make everyone happy.  Only, it didn’t work out.  Iran is pissed.  This is not the first time Iran got up in arms about this.  Back in 2010, Iran said it would not allow airlines that didn’t recognize the gulf as the Persian Gulf to use the waterway.

For whatever reason, the issue is a sore subject for even everyday Iranian citizens.  There are several websites and social media pages dedicated to keeping the waterway called the Persian Gulf.  The only real proof that is ever offered up is the same “historical document” excuse released by the Foreign Ministry.

Thus far, Google has made no official statement about the reasons behind dropping the Persian Gulf title from the waterway.