Tremendous Act of Generosity — Waiter Gets $5,000 Tip for $27 Meal

Greg Rubar received a tip that will really help out with his problems.

Greg Rubar has been a waiter at the restaurant D’Amico’s in Houston, Texas for sixteen years.  Recently, a storm caused severe damage to his vehicle, leaving him in a constant struggle to get to and from work.  He was dutifully working every shift he could get hold of trying to raise the cash to get himself a new vehicle when an unexpected act of generosity put him a lot closer to his goals.

A couple that frequents the restaurant regularly gave Rubar a $5,000 tip.  It was delivered in an envelope and contained cash.  They told him to use it to buy himself a new vehicle.  Rubar provided great service to patrons for years, and he’s had some impressive tips, but $5,000?  This one certainly takes the cake.  The owners of the restaurant sang his praises and said that while the amount of the tip is surprising, Rubar deserved it if anyone did.  The couple that left the tip did it out of the kindness of their heart and shunned any attempt at recognition or fame.  They refused to be identified, so they remain anonymous.

Watch out for the IRS, Greg.  While the couple was tremendously generous, the IRS is not, and now that everyone in the free world knows about the lucrative gift, he better be ready to report it on his tax return.