Talk About Global Warming? Dinosaur Farts Heated the Earth

Big dinosaurs mean big farts.

A new study in the United Kingdom presents a new theory about why the Earth’s climate was so hot during the Mesozoic Era.  During this time period, which was between 65 million and 250 million years ago, the Earth was actually warmer than it is in the present day.  Scientists have scratched their heads as to why this might be for some time.  Sure, it has long been known that the Earth had phases it went through, leading to ice ages and such.  But for the Earth to actually be warmer than it is now is not something that happens as part of these cycles.  Now, the UK study has an interesting solution to the problem that has long stymied scientists.  The warming was caused by dinosaur farts.

Yes, we know, it sounds like something out of a children’s book, but think about it.  You had hundreds of thousands of these giant dinosaurs roaming around the Earth, and they too passed gas.  This is a natural part of digestion and results in methane being released into the air.  Scientists estimate that the dinosaurs may have collectively been responsible for 520,000,000 tons of methane excreted into the Earth’s atmosphere every year.  If you figure that on the millions of years that made up the Mesozoic Era, it’s not so unbelievable to think that the sheer amount of dinosaur gas could actually heat up the Earth.

You’re probably waiting for it.  Yes, this does tie into global warming.  Scientists believe that the outlandishly huge amount of methane above represents what animals and humans (including all of our activities) are pumping into the atmosphere today.  So, the moral of the story is that we are doing as much damage to the Earth’s fragile climate as the dinosaurs did by simply eating and cutting the cheese.  Never mind how many millions of years it took of the dinosaurs producing this amount of gas to make a difference.  They always overlook that part in their explanations.  They always try to beat the fear drum and make it sound like if we all just stopped doing what we are doing today, a worldwide crisis would be averted.

We understand that you have to start somewhere, and if global warming is something that exists, and then on top of that, you believe there is anything we can do about it, then the faster we stop destroying the Earth, the better.  However, keep in mind that when you are talking about things on a global landscape, you are always talking about much longer periods of time than we generally think in.  This is not a problem that will get a whole lot better of a whole lot worse in a year, decade, or even century.  This sort of thing takes place over thousands of years, if not millions, and it is important for everyone to view it in the proper perspective.