Skechers Shape-Up’s False Claims Will Cost $40 Million

Skechers Shape-Up’s toning sneaker will cost the company $40 million. That’s how much the FTC is getting for the false claims. What are the false claims? Well the shoes don’t exactly tone your legs without hitting the gym. But, fear not, Skechers plans to fight and prove their shoes live up to their claims and do everything they say they will do.

2 thoughts on “Skechers Shape-Up’s False Claims Will Cost $40 Million”

  1. OMG – I can’t believe another stupid article is found right below the other one. Good grief, obviously this is a dumb-assed tabloid site run by morons and idiots.

    Good riddance — definitely not bookmarked, never coming back.

    1. We believe that a company that has bamboozled millions of customers into believing that their shoe products are helping them get in shape and lose weight is good information. The courts sided against Skechers and we stand by our decision to post this article. Not sure what kind of information you are actively seeking, but we hope you’ll stop by in the future and share your thoughts.

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