Sarkozy Booted in France in Favor of Socialist Leader — What is Socialism and What Does It Mean for the New World Order?

Karl Marx tends to be vilified in America, but his intentions were good.

Socialism is one of those words that get tossed around frivolously.  In the United States, it is usually associated with a negative connotation.  The European nation of France has voted for socialism for the first time in decades by electing Francois Hollande to replace their president Nicolas Sarkozy.  We at Common Sense Conspiracy know that in times like these, a lot of people that are used to hearing this term thrown around carelessly will be taking notice and wanting to know a little more about what it means.  And this move by the French people makes the time ripe to talk about socialism and the coming New World Order.

The idea of socialism is not new and is pretty simple when you get right down to it.  In a socialist system, the government regulates nearly everything, but with the best of intentions, of course.  The idea is to stop a distinction between classes and make the nation (or the world, as we’ll address later) all part of one big class, working together for the common good.  The goal of the socialist agenda is to not let capitalists create goods and services based on profitability, but to meet all of the needs of the people.  Competition wouldn’t really exist in this environment because there would be no point in it.  After all, everyone would have access to the same thing, which means, exactly what you need.

The best example of the difference between socialism versus the current system in America is the way the working class and upper class relate to each other.  Basically, you have a rich upper class pushing the lower classes to produce more for less so they can enjoy greater profits.  Competition is paramount, and companies do battle to capitalize on the market as best they can.  It is extremely difficult for one class to penetrate into another.  The rich tend to get richer and pass this along their family lines, while the working class tend to stay where they are.  Karl Marx came up with the idea of socialism to end this distinction, and at a moment’s glance, it is easy to see why the idea is attractive to some.  Obviously, if you are part of the rich upper class, the last thing you want to do is help distribute your wealth to everyone else, but for the working class, and definitely the poverty-stricken poor classes, it seems like a great idea.  The people in France are echoing the sentiments of the rest of Europe.  After a series economic crises, the region has overwhelmingly voted for change, change, and more change.  Will socialism help France?  That remains to be seen, but it will help one thing…the New World Order agenda.

A comic illustration of the ideas behind socialism.

You can see it in America already.  Now, we at Common Sense Conspiracy are not outright accusing President Barack Obama of socialism, although many out there have done so.  We think he is just one cog in a wheel that has been turning for decades and will turn for decades more.  His claim to fame is to regulate health care.  “Obamacare” as it has been dubbed is essentially socialist in its concept.  The government will take control of health care and make sure that everyone has equal access to it.  Once again, sounds good on the surface.  And, who knows?  It may work great and we will all be better off for it.  But it is just one step, one domino that will lead to others that are already in the pipelines.  Slowly but surely, the goal of the powers that be, is to control literally everything.  Down to the minutest detail.  Why?  For the good of all mankind of course.

You see, at the heart of institutions like Bilderberg, the Illuminati, and the New World Order, is a desire to take the world and unify it, spreading the resources for everyone, and not just the capitalists.  It could be said that the New World Order is indeed socialist, at the end of the day.  But there is one glaring problem with their agenda and the socialist agenda.  The idea of socialism is to eliminate class distinction, and yet, the New World Order seeks to create a super-elite class that will govern everyone else, who should be equal according to their principles.  This super-elite class really already exists, and they are the movers and shakers behind the globalist agenda.

France is just another domino as well.  The world tolerance for socialism is ever-increasing, just as the super-elite hope for.  They don’t want to force the New World Order down your throat; they want you to open your mouth, stick your tongue out, and take it like medicine.  That is the ultimate goal…not just to institute a new order of things, but to convince the people they are better off for it.

Will you be a part of it?  Will you be deceived?  Or is the New World Order as good as it gets anyway?  That is the question for every single one of us.

7 thoughts on “Sarkozy Booted in France in Favor of Socialist Leader — What is Socialism and What Does It Mean for the New World Order?”

  1. I hate to seem like I am attacking when I say this, but I am quite curious what your education is and where you got it. Your definition of socialism is in fact a description of communism. Although they have vast similarities, a classless society is not a distinction of socialism. It is a distinction of communism. I stopped reading at this point because that is a gigantic error. Please revise your mistakes so you don’t spread stupidity any farther than necessary.

    You may act defensive after reading this because it appears you have put a lot of time and effort into your website – it looks nice. But my advice is meant to help you. Have a great day!

    1. Tim, thanks for stopping by. We didn’t go as far as to go into Communism in our article, that’s true…but we did think that socialism bears a lot of similarities to the New World Order, which is the spirit of the article. Many people in America and elsewhere think that Communism and Socialism are almost interchangeable terms, and we salute your distinctions. I do think that if you had read the entire article, you might have ended up with a different opinion, but as they say, you can lead a horse to water…

      We would like to take this opportunity to educate everyone on one of our most longstanding policies at Common Sense Conspiracy. We DO NOT edit comments, and no, we don’t get defensive or take anything you say too personal. Our site is an open forum for people to discuss and share their thoughts and personal experiences, and we thank you for stopping by and doing just that.

      Good day.

  2. I started looking into socialism about a year ago, by reading, which is apparently the official website of the ‘4th International’ and has a political party called (I seem to remember) the Social Equality Party. They are even running a candidate for President. They often covered news stories that I wasn’t finding anywhere else, and I learned to distinguish between Stalinism and Trotskyism. I had always been intrigued by Trotsky, and so I was predisposed to like this group.

    However, I noticed that their website was very rigidly controlled, in a top-down way. They had no ‘comments’ section, merely ‘letters to the editor’ which were published every few days, and, from the scant number posted and their length, were clearly being pre-screened, pre-selected, and edited. And none of them included the full name of the author of the letter, just a first name and last initial. I sent a few letters, specifically requesting that my full name be published, but it wasn’t. So, obviously, it was not at the discretion of their readers that they failed to be identified.

    I also learned that, although the wsws encouraged readers to join their socialist organization, the membership process was also highly controlled by a central committee. I spoke with one of their editors in L.A. and was told that first a prospective member has to attend meetings, and study Marx, Trotsky, and others with a mentor/instructor from their organization, for many months, in a controlled setting!

    I responded that this would not likely bring them a very large membership, undermining their stated purpose of expansion. I also complained that their website policies did not inspire confidence, as they were authoritarian by design. I even wrote them a very long, carefully documented article in response to one of their stories, and not only was it never posted but, when I inquired as to why, I received a curt answer: they didn’t agree with my point of view.

    All this is to say that I was very disillusioned by what constitutes ‘socialism’ in a practical sense. Despite their alleged hatred for Stalinism, the World Socialist Website crowd seems to be a bunch of petty dictators. They especially try to recruit young people, on college campuses, most likely because students are at a more vulnerable and impressionable age.

    I was so willing to think that socialism was getting a bad rap in our society, but this experience was so negative, so appalling, that I doubt I would ever look into this philosophy again.

    All this is to say that I agree with you that ‘socialism’ is a very ambiguous term, easily manipulated to disguise a totalitarian agenda.

    1. you wrote: “I was so willing to think that socialism was getting a bad rap in our society, but this experience was so negative, so appalling, that I doubt I would ever look into this philosophy again.

      All this is to say that I agree with you that ‘socialism’ is a very ambiguous term, easily manipulated to disguise a totalitarian agenda.”

      first part to me sounds like dropping a hammer on your foot and coming to the conclusion gravity is a bad theory.
      you are nearly right with the latter, “socialism” is very ambiguous, in fact heavily negtively connotated to disguise the agenda of the millionaires you elect to make the billionaires richer.
      there is nothing bad about being “social”, caring about others and accepting the equality of all human beings. basically that’s what jesus would do. and there is nothing bad about romneycare, obamacare or as it is for most civilized world just plain healthcare. it’s just the most common sense, social, christian, human, fuckin normal thing to do.
      don’t spend so much time on believing in gods, illuminati, conspiracies, start making the world a better place.

  3. Socialism does not have anything at all to do with NWO which is a purely Capitalist construction & plan. Neither does socialism have much to do with Soviet-style Communism which in fact was little more than an elitist dictatorship that didn’t even allow people to have a religious belief.

    The closest thing to Socialism was what UK had after the war i.e. SOME Nationalised industries & services alongside privately owned industries & services. The UK people decided they didn’t wish to return to prewar conditions of filthy, cramped housing with no sanitation, paying extortionate sums for gas, healthcare etc. There was no provision for people disabled or injured at work, no minimum wage etc and no Welfare.

    People in UK survived only because communities helped eachother out. After 2 world wars the UK people had had enough, they RIGHTLY decided that VITAL services & industries providing power, healthcare and Social Housing should be nationalised = paid for by collective taxes & National Insurance with money earned by these to be funneled back into the Welfare System; people demanded this because they reasoned that they needed a home, fuel & healthcare to get to work in the first place – why should all their income be spent on paying to live in a filthy hovel & for very expensive healthcare? They might as well have been slaves. Also, Capitalism had failed miserably in the years leading up to the war and with no Welfare, there was nothing for the people to fall-back on; the Welfare State was designed to combat the pitfalls of Capitalism.

    Socialism is actually a system designed & implemented by a DEMOCRATIC process – it is NOT against profit, it is against people getting too rich and as we can see today, very rich people are abusing their power and wealth to form a NWO – Socialism has NOT been responsible for their rise to wealth & power.

    In truth Socialism is about community and living life INTELLIGENTLY for the good of the majority instead of the few. The NWO will NEVER deliver this and it is NOT a Socialist entity, it is an ELITIST plot to dominate the world via the dictates of heavily imbalanced & corrupt financial systems. The only country to achieve anything close to a Socialist system is Cuba and the world has conspired to make sure Cuba remains trapped in poverty via trade-sanctions etc only because they do not want Cuba to succeed as a ‘showcase’ for Socialism. The UK too was heavily punished for Nationalisation; banks refused to invest in UK industry instead, they heavily invested in Germany, so by the 70’s Germany was out-producing UK coal & steel industries – the banks effectively used Germany to UNDERMINE UK industry.

    Germany is now the EU financial-power. However, with all the confusion around the word ‘Socialism’ maybe it is time to redefine that word as HUMANISM. Capitalism is INHUMAN; left to its own devices it will see millions homeless & hungry, without work, without healthcare; before the Welfare State, half the children in UK had no shoes on their feet, suffered from scurvy & rickets – families were living in one or two rooms with no running water or toilets. Lice, bedbugs etc were common: Capitalism doesn’t CARE about much else beyond profit.

    Every Nation must be individual in its own right with its own currency and it’s own NATIONALISED services & industries running alongside private businesses. Yes profits will not be so vast as to allow the corporate takeover of an entire nation, but there are nonetheless, profits to be made. There will always be some richer than others but that wealth-gap doesn’t mean the difference between having a home & healthcare or living in a car with no healthcare – what it does mean is that regardless of whether capitalist interests fail or not, working people will still have jobs, homes, healthcare & income provided by the Government = THEIR OWN COLLECTIVE WEALTH paid for via their collective taxes & Nationalised services etc. What is wrong with that?

  4. Well there is something very, very important in french elections that seams not to be looked at as serious as it is and that is very bad, very dangerous wich is to understand who wone the elections. Nobody loose and nobody wone because Sarkozy is a Zionio-Nazi-Fascist and Holland too. So, what happened really was that French electors changed the employe of the ZIONIS STATE OF ISRAHELL in France. So, realationship between France and Germany will not be affected because Holland is going to show himself as a lyer like Sarkozy and Merkel and any other in European Union which is itself rulled by Zionists. Barroso, Draghi, and all the other main rulers. Those who are not Zionists work under blackmail by Zionists.

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