Rush Limbaugh Launches “Rush Babes for America” — Are You a Rush Babe?

Damn you, Limbaugh!

Popular conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh is always in the news for something.  Well, his latest feather-ruffling is a Facebook page he is responsible for launching called “Rush Babes for America.”  The page is supposed to be a counter-attack to the National Organization for Women’s campaign against him that stemmed mainly from his comments about a the law student who testified for contraception to be included in insurance.  Limbaugh claims the page is to be a gathering place for conservative women to discuss family values.  He also says that it is dedicated to those that are tired of feminist groups trying to tell everyone how to think.

Limbaugh has repeatedly attacked the National Organization for Women, calling it not a group of people that are interested in women’s rights but a group of liberal activists that claim to be representing the ideals of all women.  He believes that they use their titles to gain credibility, while they only represent a certain segment of the population of females in reality.  Rush wants to bring more of the other side together to show that not all women are about the same thing that organizations like the NOW are.  The Facebook page has already garnered 22,000 Likes.

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  1. Rememeber all the ruckus with the women libbers when Limbaugh developed his catch-phrase for them: FEMINAZIS? Too funny!

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