Rihanna’s American Idol Finale Performance Sports Illuminati Influences

Rihanna stepping out of the pyramid.

Besides the Super Bowl, there may not be a bigger stage as far as people reached then the American Idol finale.  On May 23, Rihanna was one of the celebrity performers at the final episode of the AI season where Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez waited patiently to see who would be the winner.

Rihanna is no stranger to Illuminati influences, and many in the circle of Illuminati-believers think that she may be the “Illuminati princess.”  As you might imagine, this is not exactly considered a wholesome role.  Rihanna’s American Idol finale performance did not disappoint conspiracy theorists everywhere.

Debuting her new single “Where Have You Been?” the songstress came out in a barely there outfit inside of a very all-seeing-eye Illuminati pyramid.  With dozens of well-exercised shall we say would-be Egyptians to bang primitive drums and dance with her, she ripped into her new song.  But the Illuminati references didn’t stop at the pyramid she stepped out of.  A huge screen above showed a pyramid, sometimes with beams going to the sky.  Interesting for conspiracy circles that have wondered about just that in reality.  Still more pyramids appeared above and all around the show in laser-show fashion.

So, don’t be surprised if the Illuminati sites aren’t going wild with step-by-step analysis of every move that Rihanna made in her performance…but we at the CSC can’t do anything but yawn…

3 thoughts on “Rihanna’s American Idol Finale Performance Sports Illuminati Influences”

  1. I saw it and saw the exact same signs as you did. I saw her come out with the egyptian symbols on the box then was thinking.. oh god… But after seeing the laser pyramids and the structure she came out in. I wasn’t surprised.

  2. It’s expected of her.. No surprise. I saw the laser pyramid and though “here we go…” gah… imagine if it were a “cube” or a “sphere”… but nooooo it HAD to be a pyramid for obvious reasons -_- Curse the Illuminati to the depths of hell!

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