Police Issue Arrest Warrant for Body Part Mailing Suspect — Canada-Wide Search for Rocco Luka Magnotta

Rocco Luka Magnotta is pictured here in a police-released photo. He also goes by aliases that have been tied to movies that people watch for pleasure films.

It sounded like something you might see on a popular crime television show like “Bones” or “CSI,” but in Canada, someone is mailing body parts one at a time to various organizations.  The first was a human foot.  It arrived at the Ottawa headquarters of the Conservative Party of Canada.  Not exactly a random location.  Another package was derailed along its way to an undisclosed location.  After the discovery of the foot, authorities were on the lookout and discovered a second package containing a human hand.  The packages were originally mailed in Montreal, according to police.

A janitor discovered a male torso in a suitcase in Montreal.  Police believe that the three items are linked and are testing to find out if they are all from the same body.  Meanwhile, they have issued a nationwide arrest warrant for Rocco Luka Magnotta, a 29-year-old.  They have listed him officially as a suspect in the case, but they haven’t released much information about why they feel he is a person of interest.

It seems that crimes involving the mutilation of bodies, be it cannibalism or otherwise, are constantly in the news these days.