Photographs of Man’s Eaten Face from Miami Cannibalism Incident Here — WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT!!!

Yesterday, Common Sense Conspiracy reported on the horrific incident in Miami, Florida where a naked man attacked a homeless man and proceeded to eat his face.  We had access to photographs of the subsequent mutilation, but we made a decision not to post them here because of their extremely graphic content.  However, we have had dozens or requests from our readers and from search results indicating that many people are visiting our site because they want to view these pictures.  Some just have a morbid curiosity, while others are actually saying that the story is fake because there is no proof.  So, we have decided to make the photographs accessible here.  We are not going to actually post them in the body of this message because we don’t want casual viewers passing through to have to see them if they do not wish to, but we have provided links to the two photos below.  For the last time, we warn you that these pictures are as gruesome as it gets.  THIS CONTENT IS EXTREMELY GRAPHIC!  We urge our readers to use, well, common sense about viewing these photographs.  They should definitely not be opened up around children.  Once again, we are not releasing these pictures to our readers for any other reason than there has been an extreme demand on our servers for it.  This is our way of allowing you to make the decision for yourself.

Photograph of Crime Scene (GRAPHIC!!!)

Photograph of Victim’s Face (GRAPHIC!!!)

9 thoughts on “Photographs of Man’s Eaten Face from Miami Cannibalism Incident Here — WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT!!!”

  1. Dose this mean that since its happened in other places such as North Carolina, an Japan that it could have an effect on people all over the world…. Could it very well be an act of zombielism?

  2. My exact thoughts before watching the tape was The Walking Dead, because it seems like that is all you hear about now in the news, someone eating another human or human body parts. People think it is the bath salt making people nuts like this but I don’t know. What is the excuse for all the mothers out there killing their kids and what was up with this guy throwing his kid in the washer or dryer, whatever, and close the door and think it a joke? I am just in awe with the news and whats more what you can find and see on the internet, if indeed anything is real in cyberland.

  3. So I just viewed the photos and WOW it is something right out of a horror film (which I love, so yea it was out of morbid curiosity) Poor guy. How do you fix that? I am surprised he survived it at his age.

  4. I wish I didn’t look now. That won’t leave me …ever. This country is so messed up now it is sickening. Look to the 60’s to see when it all started falling apart. Sure before that you heard of a case here or there of a real gruesome murder but overall the percentage of people that were decent with good morals was much higher in the 50’s than today. What’s the differences? Just look to Obama and see everything he stands for and you see what is wrong with the country. Against Christianity, pro-muslim, pro-communist style actions and government. Well just google: “1963 American Communists 45 goals” and read it. You see everything that Obama stands for right there. You cannot throw God out of the US and expect things to be good anymore!! I am not saying this is Obamas fault personally… but what I am saying is the lack of morals, discipline in ones life that one learns from a God centered family with two parents who don’t divorce so easily and who don’t run to having sex before marriage or at least before love and the commitment of marriage, and the filth that he stands for IS the problem. Drugs were around in the 50s but they weren’t so widely accepted, only the losers of society used them. You wouldn’t see things like bath salts being sold still when the effects were known to mess people up so bad. People would have cared about their fellow human more than the profit of the sale. Things are just backwards today. EVIL. How anyone can deny the evil that is prevalent in today s society is beyond me.

    1. We warned you Brian. It is really graphic and we struggled with the decision to allow it on our site. In the end the readers were looking for it so we felt an obligation to provide access to it.

    2. Weed and beer/liquer even moonshine never messed ANY one up to where they would eat another man.. And if anything weed has helped people goes to prove human nature is it feel relaxed any way we can, why would the government keep weed illegle but sale beer/liquer and bath salt just because they can tax it..I mean if we would just get it where you can smoke weed all day I BET MY LIFE things on this earth would get a whole lot better!!! Look at everything they only reason this stuff is ruled out is because the oil company were scared that we would relize how usable and dependable and clean the oil the seed produced was.. yes I relize this isnt really the best worded rant but it just kills me how we can smoke BATH SALT but go to jail for a blunt….trust me world smoke a least 2 blunts aday not at work but anyother time and see how much better life would be..thanks for reading!

  5. Brian:

    The attacker was known for carrying around his bible and quoting scripture according to his mother and girlfriend. How does that factor into your claim of godlessness as a cause for this atrocity? Look at the time in history when people were tearing other people limb from limb in pubilc squares and you’ll find a time when religion ruled the world; the dark ages.

    I’m not so stupid as to blame christiantity for the zombie attack but please think a bit before you post that drivel.


  6. how did President Obama get blamed for the moral status of law breakers,drug addicts and people suffering from mental illness? That is republican mumbo jumbo, always claiming to take the moral high road (abortion, gay rights, ect…) give people the right to make their own decision in life, right or wrong they still have to answer to God, the bigger questions is what God. ha ha
    P.S. thanks for the pics i should have right in a democracy to terrify myself.

  7. this is just the world now we can eaither stand as one to try to pick up the pieces and start to turn it around or deal with whats happeing and keep doing what we doin and just worry about our selvs..well look as to where its got us….Im only 21 its sad that I know all this stuff and feel the way I feel I wish I was born and raised in the 60’s or 70’s at least I would have had some good times in my life and not been raised in all this mess….this is why the good kids in this would are over looked and taken like a grain of salt…I smoke weed and this is why I get to thinking on this crazy world and its make me feel some type of way on EVERY level…this is just sad the government only worred about its self using our money..yes I pay taxes…to fund their cover ups…affers…lieing…cheating…theres no good people in that white house..wish some one with some damn morals would get in to the white house and do something but at last we relize that it will never happen…and the prez we got now…its just sad just sooooo sad…now this is a on and on rant come on by some guy smoking freaken bath salt and eating another mans face but if he had just got off work (if he worked) and smoked a blunt (kuz we all need to relax after a hard 12 or 8 hour shift) (I work 12 hours)and was able to smoke ablunt instead of that salt that homeless man would have never got his face ate off….Its just so sad that theres not enought space to tell how I really feel about all this the world the government and the crack heads (who if didnt have to worry about a drug test on thc (which stays in the human system for 32 days) they would all just be pot heads and would never smoked crack and then in turn needed bath salt…just makes me so heated….people look at our would..this is just sad….if we all would work to gether instead aginst one another this would might be able to turn around by the time our grandkids are having kids….we have one earth we have one bout we make it last??? kall me a pot head all you want but I rather have people stoned walking around my streets then people smoking bath salts or even drunk off their butts..thanks for reading…

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