Olympic Gymnast Shawn Johnson Is Not and Never Was Fat — Tabloids Out of Control

Okay, folks, get ready for a rant.  Common Sense Conspiracy normally tackles more weighty issues (no pun intended) than this, but we were so outraged by this story that we felt it was time to take a moment to touch on a real problem in America and the rest of the world as well.  It’s no secret that the United States has an obesity problem.  We are collectively one of the fattest nations in the world, and it takes a huge toll on everything, from taxes to insurance premiums to medical bills.  However, a recent revelation by an Olympic gymnast named Shawn Johnson showed a darker side of our nation and the media.

Shawn is a fantastic athlete who won three silver medals and one gold one during the Olympics in Beijing.  The 20-year-old recently debuted a slimmer look, having shaved 25 pounds off her frame in the three years since she was involved in an international competition.  Well, there’s certainly nothing wrong with anyone slimming down, but Shawn revealed at the USOC media summit Monday that she worked so hard to lose the weight because of the tabloids and media constantly ridiculing her weight.

“People put too much emphasis on looks.  I was at the Olympic Games winning medals and I still doubted my image.  I doubted what I looked like.  That’s sad.  Girls should be taught different than that.  I think everyone should be taught different than that.”

To make it even worse, she put on the extra weight as a result of being out of commission after she tore her ACL in an accident while skiing.  It isn’t like she was sitting on the couch pounding potato chips and doing nothing.  She was injured, which naturally made getting her cardio in a lot more difficult.  But at no point along the way should her weight have ever been in question.  There’s probably not a red-blooded male in America that could look at these before and after shots of her from 2010 (when she was 25-pounds heavier) and a recent appearance on the Today Show and say this girl had any reason to be ridiculed or scrutinized.  See, most men see a beautiful girl, no doubt in the absolute best of shape to be competing at that level, and she’s real.  The Hollywood and supermodel image of near-anorexic females is actually unattractive to most males.  For this girl to face any sort of insults because of this nonexistent situation is ridiculous.  Especially when a huge percentage of women in America would probably kill to look like Shawn Johnson, before or after her trivial weight fluctuations.

The damage here goes deeper than just the poor athlete catching a little slack in the tabloids.  Think of what this says to young girls in America, when even a young woman that should be a role model is accused of being not good enough and overweight.  What is wrong with this world?  Anyway, we put this one to our usual test…our readers.  Check out the before-and-after shot here and let us know what you think.  Would pure garcinia extract even put a dent on her frame anyway?

If we switched these photos could you even tell which was which?

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2 thoughts on “Olympic Gymnast Shawn Johnson Is Not and Never Was Fat — Tabloids Out of Control”

  1. It’s pretty clear that she was “fat”.

    It’s ridiculous to claim otherwise.

    Shawn Johnson gaining 25 lbs when you are 4’9″ is like Maria Sharapova gaining 40 or more pounds.

  2. Hey asshole ^^ … Being short doesn’t make it harder to gain weight… It makes it harder to lose it.

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