New Law Bans Protesting Near The Secret Service — No Free Speech Zones

HR 347 was secretly signed into law by President Obama. HR 347 bans standing and protesting where Secret Service agents are present.  And guess where the Secret Service usually is?  The Secret Service now has the power to decide where these “no free speech” zones will be located. We have always been taught that we have free speech granted to us by the Constitution of the United States of America. Well now they are secretly passing laws that are banning it and there doesn’t appear to be much any of us can do about it. The problem is that the Secret Service decides all of this. Wait a minute, isn’t the Secret Service the same ones that went crazy in Colombia and had their way with a bunch of prostitutes? So those guys are the ones that will decide where to put a “no free speech” zone. What kind of sense does that make?