Mitt Romney Involved in Fraud Ponzi Scheme — Disqualification from Presidential Race Imminent?

A connection to Bernie Madoff, criminal or otherwise, could be the final nails in the coffin of a Mitt Romney presidential bid.

Common Sense Conspiracy is working feverishly to fact-check allegations that are flying around on the Internet that Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney will be disqualified from the race because of his involvement in fraud.  The articles that are circulating cite sources, but unfortunately, none of them can be proven to be legitimate at first glance.  We will be digging into this further and will keep our readers updated on our progress.  In the meantime, we feel it is at least important to let you know what the story is.

The allegations say that even in 2009, the Republican Party was aware that Mitt Romney was involved in a serious ponzi scheme, one that was in the neighborhood of a whopping $8 billion dollars.  Interestingly enough, the only ponzi scandal of that magnitude in 2009 was the infamous Bernie Madoff case.  Romney is being accused of having financial ties to three men who were involved in the scandal.

As we stated before, this is something that is making the circles on conspiracy sites and social media at a dizzying pace.  We encourage our readers to take it with a grain of salt until we can get to the facts.  Obviously, this would be an unprecedented situation.  Would Ron Paul become the de facto Republican candidate?  And would this mean a slam-dunk sure thing victory for President Obama?  The sharks are circling, but do they have the dirt to back up their accusations?

3 thoughts on “Mitt Romney Involved in Fraud Ponzi Scheme — Disqualification from Presidential Race Imminent?”

  1. Would this be a slam dunk for Obama?!

    Are you kidding me?!?!

    With the republican nomination under his belt and the mainstream media having NO choice but to FINALLY cover Ron Paul HONESTLY, Obama would find himself on the opposite end of a mop!!

    Ron Paul absolutely will wipe his a*$ with Obama. Obama is a globalist crook whose record speaks for itself.

    Ron Paul is an incorruptible constitutionalist whose record will do the same!!

    For liberty!! RON PAUL 2012

  2. You can bet romney was involved just as he was involved in defrauding medicare out of millions when he owned shares in Capitol Bain. He denies it but the minute the investigators started sniffing around he sold his shares and got out. Then claims he reported it to the authorities but they have no record of it. Then he claims he didn’t know anything about it. So which is it. Still want to know why he destroyed every piece of hard drive when he left the Governors office. Whats he hiding there. romney is a big time crook and is unfit to lead this country.

  3. AMERICAN PSYCHO’S: Bernie Madoff, Jeffrey Picower (Palm Beach Billionaire who was found upside down in his pool after evidence revealed he took $8 Billion out of Bernie’s scheme), Andrew Madoff, Mark Madoff (found hanged with a dog’s leash, probably in witness protection program), Ruth Madoff, Ken Starr (the financial kingpin who married stripper Diane Passage:, Charles Ponzi were once all considered reasonable and honorable men and had high standing in society. Today we look at all of them, dead or alive and on some level what we see is Patrick Bateman played by Christian Bale in American Psycho. Willard Milton “Mitt” Romney fits in with that group because he is an International Financial Racketeer of that ilk.

    To date, Romney has refused to come clean with the American people and provide the type of disclosure about his affairs that candidates for the Presidency, in both parties, have traditionally adhered to providing. An examination of his modus operandi is suggestive of a man who fears subjecting himself to liability for Tax Fraud, Securities Fraud, Money Laundering and prosecution under the RICO Act and perhaps the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act as well. This is a man who has worked diligently to make himself Judgment Proof for a reason. He has earned the title the Mormon Madoff:

    When you examine the character of Bernie Madoff, Ken Starr, Andrew Madoff et al etc and then see Chistian Bale playing Patrrick Bateman in American Psycho there is just too much that seems eerily familiar about Mitt Romney. We have seen his type before. You may wish to consider this link as well. Comparing psychopaths: Bernie Madoff & Mitt Romney:

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