MIT Creates Ketchup Bottle That Pours Like Milk — Are You Serious??

Apparently this is footage of MIT’s latest creation, a ketchup bottle that pours like milk. WARNING!!! Incoming RANT! MIT has some of the brightest minds in the world, just ask Las Vegas. The ketchup bottle was that big of a PROBLEM that MIT had to solve it. Yes I admit frustration over this but let’s not get MIT on it. There are other problems in the world like, um, our dependence on foreign oil, poverty, human trafficking, Bilderberg taking over. Can we please get MIT on a MORE SERIOUS issue like one of the ones listed instead of solving the horrible problem of the ketchup bottle? I know the ketchup bottle has crippled governments, collapsed economies, caused global warming, invented HAARP and enslaved millions. Oh wait, that’s the New World Order! Yes I admit it is cool but COME ON!! These people go to MIT and spend a huge load on an education for this. They solve the ketchup problem, play Tetris on the side of a building and almost bankrupted Las Vegas casinos. I wish they would put this much energy into a real problem instead of things like this. Sorry for the rant but ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!