Media Spin on Ron Paul’s Announcement to End Active Campaigning

The media outlet CNN was one of the first major news organizations to release a story about Ron Paul today.  This afternoon, Paul announced publicly that he will no longer be actively campaigning in areas that have still not voted for the Republican Nomination.  Now CNN and others with an agenda manipulated the article to make it look as if Ron Paul has dropped out of the race.  However, further investigation into the matter reveals that nothing could be further from the truth.

What Ron Paul is doing is focusing his efforts on getting delegates in states before the Republican National Convention in August.  His announcement that he is not actively campaigning is not his way of dropping his bid for the nomination.  It is really just him letting people know in states that have not yet voted that he simply cannot afford to spend tens of millions more to campaign in their states with such an uncertain future.  Unfortunately, the media can’t wait to pounce on this and twist it to their own devices to make average Americans think that Paul has suddenly surrendered altogether.

The fight is still on, and believe it or not, the delegates continue to rack up for Ron Paul.