Media Reports Romney Has Clinched Republican Presidential Nomination — Networks Refuse to Mention Ron Paul in Any Way, Shape, or Form

The Republican ticket is halfway set...but who did he beat exactly? Ron Paul for Vice-President?

According to the Associated Press and the big news networks, Mitt Romney officially has the delegates he needs now to clinch the Republican presidential nomination at the convention in August.  Results from the Texas Primary put him over the magical number of 1,144 that makes him a lock.  That’s interesting, but Common Sense Conspiracy found it even more interesting the way the media chose to report this.

We looked at the same story from all of the major news sources.  All of them reported the same thing.  Some mentioned Rick Santorum, others mentioned Newt Gingrich, but none mentioned challenger Ron Paul at all.  This is especially ironic since Santorum and Gingrich have already formally pulled out of the race, so the news report that Romney has clinched the nomination means only that he has secured enough votes at the convention to insure that he will defeat Ron Paul, the only active challenger.  And yet, the media never mentioned Paul at all, pretending that he doesn’t exist.

With all the rabid conspiracy theories that the media and even the Republican Party itself have conspired to keep Ron Paul quiet throughout his campaign, this is one of those things that makes you think that maybe they are on to something.  Why ignore the only one left in the race?  It seems highly contrived… the article is only newsworthy because there was still technically a mathematical chance that Ron Paul could capture the nomination by the Party’s own rules.  He had experienced some success of late in various primaries, but every time he makes some headway, the media refuses to report it.  Only on alternative news sites like Common Sense Conspiracy can you find any information about Ron Paul’s victories.

No one, including us, really thought Paul could win.  That’s not the issue.  The issue is that even as the last man standing to the winner, Paul still can’t get a shred of respect from the media.  Why?