Mark David Chapman, Murderer of John Lennon, Changes Prisons After 30 Years

The bizarre murder of John Lennon is a historical conspiracy theory as prolific as JFK.

The murder of John Lennon has long fascinated conspiracy theorists, especially with Lennon’s sordid history with the FBI.  There is a school of thought that Mark David Chapman was the victim of some sort of mind control experiment that compelled him to commit the murder of the popular Beatle and musical icon.  The murder was incredibly bizarre.  Chapman famously bought a copy of The Catcher in the Rye and said that it was his statement when apprehended by authorities after mortally shooting John Lennon five times at close range.  He accosted Lennon as he was leaving to go to a recording session and had one of his albums with him which he claimed to want Lennon to autograph.

Flash forward over thirty years later.  Chapman has spent all that time in Attica Correctional Facility in New York.  He has repeatedly been denied parole, and Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono has protested his potential release repeatedly.  She plans to do the same when he comes around for parole again in August.  Mental health professionals have suggested that Chapman is no longer a threat to society and could be considered safe to release to the public.  Yoko Ono vigorously disagrees, saying that Chapman could be a danger to her and her family, not to mention himself.  Now, prison officials announced that Chapman will be transferred to a new prison in Buffalo, the Wende Correctional Facility.  The change is a lateral move.  Both facilities are considered maximum-security prisons.  No reason behind the sudden transfer has been given, leading to much interest in the abrupt move.

It is extremely unusual for a long-time inmate to be transferred at this point.  One has to think that there is some reason why this is happening now, but prison officials hold fast that they are not allowed to disclose reasons for an inmate being transferred to a different prison.

Did Chapman establish some sort of relationship in Attica all these years later that led to him being relocated?  It is very interesting, isn’t it.

2 thoughts on “Mark David Chapman, Murderer of John Lennon, Changes Prisons After 30 Years”

  1. I have utterly no doubt that Chapman was a “programmed assassin”. Anyone skeptical that this is possible should watch the film _RFK Must Die_ in which Herbert Spiegel, one of the world’s experts in clinical hypnosis (recently deceased, see obit in NYT) explains how this is not only possible, but he is convinced that Sirhan Sirhan was just such a hypnotically “programmed” assassin. So was Chapman, who (coincidentally?) found himself in a refugee resettlement camp at Fort Chaffee for CIA assets airlifted out by Uncle Sam as Saigon fell. Fenton Bresler, in _Who Killed John Lennon?_, presents evidence that Chapman’s plane tickets were altered. Why did the CIA want Lennon dead? Because their wars in Central America were just at their exponential murderous upstroke and they didn’t want to take the chance that Citizen Lennon (he was due to get his citizenship months after his assassination) might have galvanized the Central America solidarity movement. No no no, we’re not going to take that chance, and hey we’ve got this MDC asset standing by…and the beauty of it is, he won’t even know why he did it (as Sirhan, to this day, doesn’t know)…

  2. He was assassinated by the same forces that have and do operate within and outside our borders. That’s it. Final.

    By the way, am I on a state “hit-list” now?

    we are all in a matrix, WAKE UP!!!!!!

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