Man is the Father of 30 Children — Needs a Break on Child Support

Desmond Hatchett should be studied by science to help those with fertility problems.

Desmond Hatchett is only 33 years old.  He lives in Knoxville, Tennessee.  Despite being relatively young, Hatchett has somehow managed to father 30 children.  He did this with eleven different women.  Now, he’s asking the courts for some child support relief.

How is this even possible, you might ask?  Get this.  Desmond actually had four children born in the same year…twice.  That’s eight of ’em, but he still managed to be the father of 22 others.  His child support payments are so divvied up that some of the mothers receive as little as $1.49.  His oldest offspring is 14 years of age, so he managed to rack up this impressive number of little ones between the time he was 19 and now.

It’s natural for everyone to judge Desmond in a case like this.  After all, how many times does this have to happen before he learns how it all works?  Yet, we all need to take a step back and realize that the mothers have to share some of the blame here too.  How could any of them become sexually involved with Hatchett and be unaware of his impressive trail of fertilization?  He must be very good at hiding his past, and even better at talking these women into the bedroom.

For what it’s worth, the court system cannot punish Desmond in any way for his actions.  There are no laws on the books to make Desmond’s baby factory a crime.  He also cannot be legally prohibited from continuing this in the future.  There is absolutely no law that can require him to stop having children when he obviously cannot even remotely afford the ones he already has.  Do you think that there should be some legal recourse here?  Should there be a point at which the court system says enough is enough?  Or is the right to reproduce so sacred that even a situation as ridiculous as this is considered to be okay, at least in a legal sense?  We want to hear what you think!