Japanese Celebrate the End of Nuclear Power

A chart showing where Japan's 54 nuclear reactors are located.

While the rest of the world sees thousands in the streets protesting different things, in Japan, thousands took to the streets to celebrate.  A nuclear reactor at the Tomari nuclear plant was shut off on Hokkaido for maintenance, leaving Japan truly without any nuclear-created power for the first time in over forty years.  Japanese civilians have been against nuclear power for years, but the sentiment grew markedly after the terrible meltdown incidents at the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant after the devastating earthquake and resulting tsunami in March of 2011.

The celebration is only temporary, however.  The Japanese government is working hard to get nuclear power back on the menu, warning that they simply cannot be expected to meet the demands of the island nation without it.  Still, those that have worked hard to rally against it took the opportunity to applaud their own efforts.  They saluted the complete absence of nuclear power happening on Children’s Day.  The Fukushima reactors are still putting radiation into the atmosphere, and many are concerned about its effects not just on the current generation, but those to come.