Is the United States Headed for Another Civil War? Homeland Security Informants Say the Government is Making Ready

There are no clear sides in America, and that is why a civil war is still not a real possibility.

Other conspiracy websites out there are making waves by proclaiming that the United States is on the verge of another civil war.  What is causing all the hysteria is an interview that a private investigator gave where he quoted high-up sources from the Department of Homeland Security telling him that the government is currently making moves to be ready for a massive civil war that they expect will erupt after another economic meltdown.  This rhetoric is nothing new in conspiracy circles.  Rumors of a civil war in America have been brewing for decades, in fact, since the end of the first one.  This supposed DHS source says that the government is actively making moves to make ready for this possibility.

As always with these sorts of things, the “evidence” is nothing but hearsay.  That’s why we at Common Sense Conspiracy wanted to address this and take a step back and look at what exactly would have to happen to make something like this occur.  While it may seem that movements like the Tea Party and the consistent divide between politics in America, namely the Republican and Democrat political parties, illustrates a clear split in America, the truth is that a civil war will never erupt based on these principles.  The reason is simple.  While there is such a thing as staunch Republicans and Democrats, of course, the political lines are so crossed that it is doubtful that either side would ever take to war in the streets as a real option.  Civil wars erupt in nations because of clear, polarizing issues that markedly separate the people into two sides.  The differences between the political parties are stark at times, but at the end of the day, there is nothing there that will cause one or the other to see war as the only option.  However, polarizing issues could be just around the corner.

The most likely cause of a civil war event in America would fall at the hands of an economic meltdown.  Yes, the United States has persevered through a terrible economic period already, but movements like the Occupy Wall Street protests show that many people are tired of seeing corruption in the government and banking systems.  It should be noted that the Occupy protests are not the result of one political party or another taking issue.  It is the people against the government.  People against government can make a good breeding ground for a civil war, but it is unlikely to manifest itself in the classic Civil War style.  In the original Civil War, people took one side or the other, leading to the creation of two governments warring against each other.  A modern civil war would probably be a little different.  This would be the people fighting the government.

Whether you believe a civil war is a real possibility or not, you have to understand that the only way something like that would come about in a nation so spread out and with so many different demographics is if an issue arose that was so polarizing that it clearly divided the entire nation into sides.  The days of lining up and shooting at each other have long past.  The problem is that there is no issue that would inspire the people, no matter what political or religious affiliation, to rise together against the government, and that is the only thing that could plunge our nation into this plight.

Even an economic collapse would not cause a civil war necessarily.  Why?  Because every economic collapse means the same thing.  Someone is out in the cold, and someone is carrying on business as usual.  Many institutions actually profit from economic problems.  This will not cause a civil war.  It’s a moral issue that always causes these affairs, and at this point there doesn’t seem to be anything like that brewing in America.  Sure, people are mad about their political differences, and they are mad about the government and banking systems in general.  But they are not mad at each other, and this is a critical element for a true civil war to erupt.

Also, America is so spread out and diverse that it is hard to imagine everyone rallying to any cause.  For example, if a civil war did erupt, there would be plenty of people in rural communities that chose to just live on their own terms and stay out of it.  There are still people in America that can live on their own two feet without the government or a revolution.

It is much more likely that the government is making moves to further its own agenda, which is a New World Order and more government control.  These so-called moves to get ready for a civil war are just disinformation to distract us from what is really happening.  The government is preparing itself to install a new system of order in our nation.  These things happen over decades, not this year or the next.  It is all part of a masterfully devised plan by God knows who…

Could it ultimately result in a civil war?  Possibly, but the fear-mongering that is going on right now is only to take our eyes off of what is really going on.  Spread the word.

8 thoughts on “Is the United States Headed for Another Civil War? Homeland Security Informants Say the Government is Making Ready”

  1. Maybe that seed is starting to sprout.. This past election/clarification was mainly based on class warfare, the haves and the have-nots. If there is a civil war in our near future, that will be the foundation as the entitlement mentality won out. This means that the MAJORITY mindset of the voting block wants something for nothing, due to them from the “rich” minority or producers of this nation. No poor person will ever employ you and hard work and risk is your obligation therefore you hand me what I demand for doing absolutely nothing, and I will be back with more demands later, so keep producing and working hard. Do not expect this government to tell you the real truth.

  2. There is enough evidence to prove of another civil war soon, but how soon? If there wud be, it wud be, makers vs. Takers…… “The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer” I saw this on another website and it made me ponder, its true!

  3. I have to disagree with your statements, based on reason. You approached the whole concept of civil war as a two sided event. I believe that if it is going to happen, that it will be on multiple fronts. Say 5 or 6 different groups of states (not counting Alaska or Hawaii) all competing for land/control. If it happens there will not be a North vs. South it will be the Republic of this vs. the Republic of that. When you look at your statements with that in mind, none of them apply.

  4. I think it will be more of America splitting into 6 or 7 colonies based on majority vote of that states beliefs such as how things are supposed to go or what’s the meaning of life, or mabye even rich or poor…. but most of all if a war starts, be prepared

  5. The country is already splitting. One one hand you have rich and poor with no middle ground. Obamacare had taken away our right to choose. The NDAA and NDRP plus the Patriot Acts had turned this Country Nazi.

    1. i think it will start from the current goverment letting this country be overrun by illegals..and by god im so ready for it to happen..we need a new govt thats for the ppl by the ppl not the greedy crap we have now

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