Iran Busted — United Nations Inspectors Discover Highly-Enriched Uranium

Iran's nuclear facilities have long been a source of international conflict.

The International Atomic Energy Agency has released a report revealing that inspectors have found evidence of uranium in Iran that has been enriched to higher levels than the Iranian government has previously admitted to.  Samples taken from a nuclear facility in Iran showed purity levels of as much as 27 percent.  This is only increasing tensions between the embattled nation and those that oppose its nuclear ambitions.  Iran has long contended that its uranium enrichment programs are designed only for peaceful purposes in the country’s pursuit to harvest the benefits of nuclear power.  They have repeatedly denied any desire or actions to try to use uranium to create a nuclear weapon.  However, the international community has never taken what Iran has said at face value and continues to impose sanctions and threaten more actions if the nuclear projects are not suspended immediately.

While many in the media are touting this as a “Gotcha” moment, the IAEA has already gone on record as saying that the findings are inconclusive.  It is quite possible that the higher enrichment levels are basically mistakes, nothing more and nothing less.  There is not enough evidence to confirm that Iran enriches uranium to these levels all of the time, or that any amount of such enrichment would amount to enough to be a cause for alarm.  It is generally accepted that levels of 30% to 60% would be a major signal that Iran was closing in on nuclear weapon capabilities.

This is news hot off the press, and so far, nothing has come from it.  President Obama’s staff has made no statement on the matter.  However, in an election year situation, you can bet that this will be an issue, especially if tensions between Iran and the United Nations/United States heat up again over the coming weeks and months.  We at Common Sense Conspiracy wanted to report this to our readers, but also remind them that it is not iron-clad evidence that Iran is any farther along to possible nuclear weapon ambitions than it was before.  It could be a reason for concern, and it will be interesting to see what the powers that be will do in response to the latest findings.