Illuminati Showdown??? Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera Face Off Again as Reality Competition Judges

The infamous kiss between Madonna and Britney Spears was viewed as an Illuminati passing of the torch. But who was there too, getting left out?

Pop stars Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera famously battled the charts during their rise to fame in the last decade.  Both camrades of the infamous Mickey Mouse Club, they were a natural tabloid magnet as teenage stars that duked it out in the public eye for years.  Christina was viewed as the truly talented singer, while Britney was the over-the-top performing and dancing threat.  It became a popular global team situation… kind of like the Twilight movies these days.  You were either Team Christina or Team Britney.  Well, those days of the Britney vs. Christina feud have come around again.

Christina Aguilera was seeming to be a little washed up when she turned up on NBC’s The Voice and managed to return to relevance.  The show was a runaway hit success, but now Britney Spears is entering the fray.  Simon Cowell, one of the major masterminds behind the American Idol reality-TV juggernaut, was able to negotiate a deal with the “Queen of Pop” to be a judge on the upcoming season of his new singing competition, The X Factor.  Britney is rumored to have received as much as $10 million for agreeing to the taxing job of judging a singing competition on television.  But more importantly, it sets the stage for the two child stars to duke it out once again.  As a matter of fact, The Voice, which recently concluded a successful second season, is coming back quicker later this year to do battle with The X Factor.  That’s right.  They are purposely coming back in the fall, a few months ahead of the normal schedule the last two seasons, to be a direct competitor to Simon Cowell’s show, pitting Xtina versus Britney once again.

You have to give kudos to Simon Cowell for landing Spears on his show.  She is as dominant a pop culture figure as ever.  However, does she really have the right to judge a singing competition like Christina Aguilera?  But then, if anyone knows what it takes to be a pop star, certainly Spears is the one.

Both Spears and Aguilera have the kind of clout that makes them obvious targets for Illuminati theories.  With a much higher presence in the media back for both of them, and no doubt a highly publicized battle royale of pop stars once again, one has to wonder where the Illuminati, if they exist, will fall in this.  Is Rihanna going to have to step aside temporarily as the appointed Illuminati princess?  We’ll keep you posted.

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  1. First time visitor. You tout your blog as “Common Sense Conspiracy. We filter through the bullshit so you don’t have to.”

    So why did you even bother writing such a stupid article on such a stupid subject?

    Perhaps titillating your less-informed readers with tabloid crap is how it’s done here, but I wouldn’t know. But I do know this: this is absolutely useless information and wasted blog space for a blog that claims it’s “filtering through the bullshit”.

    All you’ve done is shovel up more bullshit.

    1. Well, first of all, thanks for stopping by our site. We appreciate all of our readers, even if they are at odds with us. We take this opportunity to tout one of our long-standing policies that we refuse to rail against. WE DO NOT EDIT OR CENSOR COMMENTS IN ANY WAY. We point out this now to show our readers that whatever you wish to say on our site will remain in its original format. We believe in freedom of speech and the freedom of everyone to have an opinion and express it. As a matter of fact, we encourage it. 🙂
      There are a lot of people out there that believe in Illuminati conspiracy theories. Common Sense Conspiracy frequently identifies some of these theories as “bullshit” in our previous posts, and I think the post you are referring to here is one of our tongue-in-cheek parodies of it. However, secret societies do exist, and we feel a duty in our quest to “filter through the bullshit” to examine these theories and give our readers a different perspective. Thanks for stopping by, as we said before, and we hope that maybe you’ll give us another chance in the future, because there is a wealth of good information available on our website at any given time.

      Best regards…
      Common Sense Conspiracy

  2. Britney always rocked the world with her videos,songs,performances and private life.. She is the only woman who had this kind of huge impact. Aguilera just has a powerful voice but she never has the star power to compete with Britney.. She just came out around the same time with Britney but that does not mean that she can be a rival to her. Britney has been the new queen of pop after Madonna, whereas Aguilera is at Cyndi Lauper situation..

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