Heartland Institute Compares Global Warming Believers to the Unabomber

Over the line? You be the judge.

The Heartland Institute is a conservative think tank.  They obviously have strong feelings against global warming, and now they have brainstormed a controversial ad campaign to try to sway those believe that global warming is indeed real and a threat to our planet.  To do this effectively, they decided to use images of figures that people generally accept as crazy or evil to make their point.  They intended to use Osama bin Laden, Fidel Castro, and Charles Manson in future ads, but the first one out of the gate was Ted Kaczynski, the infamous Unabomber.

The ad is a billboard sign that features a not-so-flattering picture of Ted saying “I still believe in global warming… Do you?”  The sign went up in Chicago, but it didn’t last 24 hours before support for it was pulled.  Apparently, a company called Diageo that imports beverages from England, was putting up the funds to run the ad campaign, but when they saw what the think tank had come up with, they were not pleased.  Now, Diageo is cutting ties with the Heartland Institute and claiming that they will never work with them again in the future.

The institute, for whats it’s worth, was steadfast about the credibility of its advertising campaign.  They say that the point of the campaign was to be controversial and provocative to get people to think and be more informed on global warming in general.  Looks like it worked so far.

One thought on “Heartland Institute Compares Global Warming Believers to the Unabomber”

  1. I originally came on here because I am highly interested in your novel about Bilderberg as a free e-book. I have read Children of the Matrix and have followed you on you-tube and the Alex Jones Show. The more informed I am the more I have been able to open the eyes of those around me. Thank you ever so much. As to this article, the limits of insanity that those who follow global warming religiously KNOWS NO BOUNDS. I think of what I learned in Psychology, that those who believe they can impose their will or beliefs on others are making up for either mental deficiency or are quite literally insane. (Not that I believe the liars completely- Psychologists that is.)

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