DO NOT DISRESPECT OBAMA!!! Teacher Yells At Student Because He Asked A Question About Obama

A Social Studies teacher at North Rowan High School had a confrontation with a student over a question he asked about Obama. The student asked ‘Didn’t Obama bully a girl in high school?’ Well the teacher went full on RANT!!!  She said that as a Social Studies teacher she could not allow the student or anyone else DISRESPECT OBAMA!! She replied that ‘he is the president’ and ‘he deserves our respect’. The student tried to tell her he was just asking a question but she told him he was disrespecting Obama and what he was saying was slander. She retorted with ‘people were arrested for talking bad about Bush’ and that the ‘cops don’t always read you your Miranda rights’. What do you think of this? More NWO propaganda or just a lone teacher nutjob?