Did Israel Cause The Fukushima Disaster With The Stuxnet Virus??

Jim Stone is a freelance journalist who has been investigating the Fukushima disaster. This is an interview with Mr. Stone and he drops a huge conspiracy theory. He claims that Israel caused the tsunami with a nuclear weapon that was placed in the ocean which triggered the tsunami. Mr. Stone also claims that the earthquake was not the cause of the tsunami and the earthquake was not as high on the Richter Scale as is being reported. How does Stuxnet play into this? Well it is a belief among security experts that Stuxnet was written by a nation and that Israel is the likely culprit. Why would Israel do this? The belief is that Japan entered into a agreement with Iran to enrich some uranium for them. So Israel struck Japan with its newest weapon and also showed Iran just what they can do. Remember, it was reported that the Stuxnet virus has already infected Iran’s nuclear reactors. The virus can cause all the equipment to go haywire and all the gauges and read outs will read normal and never let on that there is a problem. Mr. Stone also claims he has 100% proof of all of his claims. What do you think?

One thought on “Did Israel Cause The Fukushima Disaster With The Stuxnet Virus??”

  1. Ok so when he can pronounce things correctly , and reference them correctly, I may listen to something. He calls people liars and then makes up fantastic stories. If he is this well connected he should be working for the NSA. One article is enough dude, EVERYTHING can’t be a damn conspiracy seriously get on some meds. And people are buying this BS? Yet again this does prove one thing, Psychology is the most powerful agent in society………….

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