Content Thieves Attack Common Sense Conspiracy — Popular Website Before It’s News Being Used to Reproduce Our Content

Common Sense Conspiracy has worked hard to provide our loyal readers with great content, news, and analysis on a myriad of topics in the conspiracy and alternative news world.  We put a lot of time and effort into what we do here, and as anyone that frequents our site knows, we try to take a step back and look at even the craziest of theories with an extra emphasis on the facts.  We have been very fortunate to have a great fanbase, and because of you guys, the site has managed to become very successful very quickly.  We are proud of what we have accomplished, but in this crazy business, success can often mean more problems.

Since this website became a global sensation, garnering thousands of visitors per day, our articles have increasingly attracted the attention of content scrapers.  Content scrapers steal content from popular blogs and then post it as if it were their own.  Now, there are many sites that post our articles under a doctrine called “Fair Use.”  These are not the sites this announcement is directed toward.  Many sites out there help us by exposing our content and message to more readers, and we try to do the same for other sites as well when possible.  However, there is a big difference between honestly using the material for informational purposes and just outright stealing content to try to make a quick buck off it yourself.  The CSC already had to fight off a guy named Dantalion Jones that publicly admitted to stealing our content and reproducing it in its entirety on his own site.  We chronicled that situation in our post Would the Real Common Sense Conspiracy Please Stand Up?  Now, someone, presumably not him again, is at it on the site Before It’s News.

This site is a user-contributed news site.  We have posted our articles there in the past ourselves to try to spread the word about important messages and increase awareness of our website.  However, for the last couple of weeks, an anonymous person has been posting almost all of our content exactly as it appeared here on the Before It’s News site without our permission.  Some of these articles went on to get thousands of views from people at that site.  Now, we are not attacking that site.  They provide an invaluable resource and a great venue for anyone to get their word out to the world.  We are 100% behind that, and like we said before, we’ve used it in the past ourselves.  However, what this anonymous member of the site is doing is out-and-out theft.

We are currently investigating the matter, and it will only be a matter of time before we are able to track down the guilty parties, much like we did with our good friend Dantalion.  In the meantime, we ask our readers to be aware that our content is being pirated on a number of sites, and please remember to do the right thing and come read our articles here on Common Sense Conspiracy.  It’s not just about how many hits we got this day or that day.  It’s about knowing how our content is really doing so we can know what subjects are interesting our readers and what direction we need to go in the future.  Also, we feel that there might be a lot of other content here that might interest you if one of these pirated articles caught your eye.

This post is to get the word out to our readers, but we are also doing this to let whoever is behind the content theft know that we are aware of what they are doing and will be taking necessary measures to make sure that it stops in the future.  And, also, it’ll be a little funny to see if the content scraper automatically steals this article in the morning and posts it on Before It’s News.  We shall see just how automated this is in a few short hours.

As always, thanks to our loyal readers and stop by and see us again soon.