Concussions and Football Injuries Contributed to Junior Seau’s Suicide? — Brain Donated to Research

The sports world stood still Wednesday when it was announced that legendary NFL football player Junior Seau was found dead by his girlfriend in his home.  The 911 call has now been released to the public, and it outlines how his girlfriend, who has not been identified except as being named Megan, came home from the gym to find Seau dead from a gunshot wound to his chest.  A gun was nearby.  No suicide note or any indication of why Junior Seau would have taken his own life was left behind, but police have determined that the death is officially a suicide.

Seau was a star linebacker for the San Diego Chargers, and he was even more of a sensation because he was such a prominent member of the team in his actual hometown.  With 13 seasons with the Chargers, Seau made national headlines when he announced that he wanted to retire.  He actually stayed retired for four whole days before he signed on with the New England Patriots.  Just two years after his second and final retirement in 2010, Seau is dead by suicide.

Injuries in football have been a big topic for a few years now, and concussions are especially a hot-button issue.  Many believe that football-related injuries can cause permanent brain problems for professional football players due to the violent nature of the sport.  Apparently, Seau’s family feels the same.  They have now announced that his brain will be dedicated to an unnamed research institution that is focusing on how football-related in juries affect the brain.

There is little doubt that more details about this tragedy will come out in the following weeks and months.  So far, no one has come forward with any information about why he might have wanted to take his own life, and everyone that has commented on it has been nothing but shocked.  A former safety for the Atlanta Falcons named Ray Easterling also shot himself last month, further spotlighting the problem.  His wife cited depression and early-onset of dementia as contributing factors for his suicide.  And she blames it squarely on the years of hard hits he endured in the NFL.

Junior Seau’s ex-wife said that he had many concussions during his NFL playing days.  Do you believe that NFL players are in danger because of concussions and the other dangers of the intense hits they receive when playing the sport?
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