Chaperones Spray Lysol To Stop Dirty Dancing At High School Prom

Two mothers acting as chaperones at a Manitou Springs High School prom in Colorado were arrested for harassment for spraying Lysol at some students who were dirty dancing. The two mothers did say they did not agree with the dirty dancing saying it ‘looked like they were having sex with their clothes on’. The students who were sprayed say the Lysol got in their face and mouth and some may have left the dance because of it. Manitou Springs High School does not agree with the actions of the two mothers in question.

2 thoughts on “Chaperones Spray Lysol To Stop Dirty Dancing At High School Prom”

  1. They all usually look like sluts and promiscuous women. They should have been hosed down with fire dept. hoses–they got off easy. You ask parents to chaperone, and that’s what they did. Now, the little brats lie and say they got sprayed in the throat. So go wash your mouths out with soap, same thing. Nobody ever went blind from Lifebuoy. Just ask Ralphie from Christmas Story.

  2. Sue, sue, sue, sue, sue, sue, blah, blah, blah….Where the hell are these kids’ parents? Oh, that’s right, they’re the ones who called their lawyers instead of sending the sluts back into the house before they left for the dance to change their promiscuous woman attire. What about lewd and lascivious behavior charges brought against these piggy kids and their parents who are responsible for the minors? Where’s that charge? Fight back chaperones. Take back our country and our morality. The U.S. has had all the sh!t we’re gonna take, because now it’s all hittin’ the fan. Those disgusting trashy brats should’ve been suspended from school, from the prom, from graduation! There’d be no more dirty dancing from anyone if you did that.

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