Chaos Ensues as Bilderberg 2012 Comes to Virginia — Protests Organize as Meeting Date Approaches

Picturesque setting for a game of pinuckle?

Well, after months of speculation, which included suggestions such as Israel, the final destination for the 2012 edition of the Bilderberg meeting has been set.  From May 31 to June 3, Bilderberg and its onslaught of security will storm Chantilly, Virginia.  They won’t be alone however.  Many organizations of angry American citizens are already pledging to make the trip to do nothing but be a thorn in the Bilderbergers side.

The meeting is to take place at the Westfields Marriott.  Rest assured that there is no need trying to book a room there this weekend.  There is no room at the inn.  Several high-profile conspiracy personalities have already called the hotel to inquire about what is going on just to see what answer they would get.  As expected, there is no answer really, only that there are no rooms available.

Among the more interesting things to watch with this meeting is who attends.  All eyes will be on whether Mitt Romney attends.  President Obama attended the meeting, along with Hillary Clinton, just before winning the election to become President in 2008.  The meeting was held in Chantilly, Virginia in that year as well.  It is not common for a sitting President of the United States to attend the meeting, regardless of what effects it might have on his re-election bid.  However, if Romney should appear there, the conspiracy theories will be at a fever pitch.  All in all, this is the third time the Bilderberg meeting will be held in Chantilly, Virginia.  The Westfields Marriott also played host to the meeting in 2002.