Cannibal Incident Backs Up Miami Traffic — Naked Man Eating Another Man’s Face in the Street?

The scene in Miami was disturbing, to put it mildly.

Common Sense Conspiracy has recently reported on an alarming rise of cannibalism incidents worldwide, with the greatest concentration coming in Russia.  But an incident in Miami, Florida has brought cannibalism front and center in America, and the situation can be described with anything from tragic to bizarre to insane.

What you heard around the water cooler is true.  A naked man was consuming the flesh from another man’s face on a Miami on-ramp around 2:00 P.M.  Police have not released any serious information and no one involved has been identified at this time.  The only nugget offered up so far is that they believe the victim was a homeless person that was laying down when a less-refined and nuder Hannibal Lecter wannabe jumped on him and started eating his face.  A police cruiser happened by and used loudspeakers to tell the man to get off of him.  The attacker showed no signs of slowing down, and eventually one of the police shot him.  Only, the guy wouldn’t die easy, either.  He continued right on with his meal, and witnesses said that it took at least six shots before the man was stopped.  Of course, adding to it all, the attacker was naked.  No information has been released about any possible drug use, but it seems clear that the attacker had to be in some sort of altered state of consciousness to perpetrate such an attack even after being shot five times.   (Edit:  The attacker has now been identified as Rudy Eugene.)

The attacker died on the scene.  The victim is in the hospital in critical condition.  Miami Police say that the officer certainly saved the victim’s life by gunning down his assailant.

While there is no concrete evidence, police seem to think that the attacker might have been in something they call “cocaine psychosis.”  This state is brought on by, you guessed it, taking really high doses of cocaine, although it can also happen with other drugs like it, including crystal meth.  In this state, people go, well, crazy, and they can do really violent things, including, apparently, eating three-quarters of a homeless man’s face as if it were fried chicken while running naked on the expressway.

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

There are photographs of the victim’s face, but it is quite gruesome.  Common Sense Conspiracy made a common sense decision to not post the photo here.  It can certainly be located on the Internet if you are interested or happen to be in a state of “cocaine psychosis” presently.  (EDIT:  After several requests from readers, we have made the photographs from the crime scene available on our site.  Please navigate here to view the pictures if you wish to do so.)

4 thoughts on “Cannibal Incident Backs Up Miami Traffic — Naked Man Eating Another Man’s Face in the Street?”

  1. i want proof! i’ve looked up ten articles about this and all the pictures were only of their feet. i know they were naked and all but they could have blocked it out. and if this is true they need to be alerting all of America. i mean i think we should know if were at risk of being some insane zombie dudes next meal! so i don’t believe a word this article or any article says until i get some proof.

  2. this story is true I live in miami. there are tons of pictures of it everywhere all over the internet the victims name was ronald poppo and all you have to do is type his name into google and it images and it shows you all the pictures. it shows you pictures of the big time before and after the incident he was a white man and and so crazed attacker was a 31 year old black male names rudy eugene. it also shows you pictures of him as well and a few different shots of the crime scene there is also a video of the attack on youtube that was captured by a miami herald security camera from a distance you can’t see it that clearly because it’s from a distance but you can make it out nonetheless. there is a 23 minute video of the attack from beginning to end and then a shorter video of the attack from right before the police show up.

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