Can Tim Tebow Tell Someone They Can’t Put Jesus on a T-Shirt?

Perhaps even Tebow himself is getting a little confused about the lines here.

Sure, it’s no secret that recent New York Jet Tim Tebow and Jesus are quite fond of one another.  Tim is probably as famous for his Christian beliefs as he is for his football heroics.  New York Jet merchandisers took the opportunity to cross the gridiron and religious worlds by mass-producing a T-shirt that looks like a normal Jets logo, but the “Jets” is substituted with “Jesus.”

Tebow was not happy about this.  His lawyers actually issued a cease-and-desist letter to Cubby Tees asking them to stop producing the shirts that apparently Tim finds to be offensive.  The reasoning behind the complaint is that the T-shirt makes people think that Tim Tebow endorses the products.  The only problem is that it doesn’t have anything about Tim Tebow on it anywhere.

While any person with a little sense can figure out the connotation of the T-shirt, from a legal standpoint, does Tim Tebow have the right to tell someone they can’t put Jesus on a T-shirt?  What kind of statement is Tim trying to make here?

One thought on “Can Tim Tebow Tell Someone They Can’t Put Jesus on a T-Shirt?”

  1. Tim Tebow has the right to tell someone not to put Jesus on a t-shirt. Just as an atheist can tell someone else something. The only difference here is how can an atheist make a moral judgment given his/her worldview of matter and motion? This tired old way of thinking that Christians are somehow held to different standards, while atheists/liberals can contradict themselves at will, has to remedied.

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